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With a population about 90,000, Roswell Georgia is a big suburb of Atlanta Georgia on the north side in northern Fulton County Georgia. Close to Johns Creek Georgia and just south of Alpharetta, the Roswell Georgia area boasts a lot of people and a city type level of population and sophistication. Roswell Georgia is named for Roswell King, an antebellum cotton trader and miller. Roswell gained mill power from the Chattahoochee River.

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Roswell Georgia has a couple of large private employers worth mentioning, Verizon wireless and Kimberly Clark Paper Company. Added to companies like Target, Home Depot and Kroger, and other retailers, thousands of jobs are filled in Roswell Ga. On the bad side, Roswell has had to tolerate a lot of road construction due to the growth and popularity of Roswell. Roswell is a good corporate center and a good place to live.


The Target Corporation headquarters is located in Roswell, Georgia, United States. The headquarters is a 1.1 million square foot building that was completed in 1999. The building is located at 2000 Perimeter Center East, Roswell, Georgia 30077.

The Target Corporation is a discount department store chain headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1902 and has over 1,800 stores in the United States. Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart.

The Target Corporation headquarters is home to the company’s executive offices, as well as its marketing, merchandising, and finance departments. The headquarters also houses a number of corporate functions, including human resources, information technology, and legal services.

The Target Corporation headquarters is a LEED Gold certified building. The building features a number of sustainable design features, including a green roof, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting.

The Target Corporation headquarters is a major economic driver for the Roswell area. The headquarters employs over 2,000 people and generates millions of dollars in annual revenue for the city.

Here are some additional details about the Target Corporation headquarters:

  • The building was designed by the architectural firm NBBJ.
  • The building is made of concrete, glass, and steel.
  • The building has a total of 11 floors.
  • The building has a green roof that covers 1.5 acres.
  • The building is LEED Gold certified.
  • The building is home to over 2,000 employees.
  • The building generates millions of dollars in annual revenue for the city of Roswell.

Roswell Companies

Smaller Roswell companies abound also, and many Roswell Ga consultants, CPA’s and contractors with small operations with less than five employees work and live out of Roswell Ga. Along the Ga-400 corridor is a plenty of high profile and attractive office space for small enterprises. Exits such as Windy Hill boast several convenient and stunning office buildings with plenty of parking and give small enterprises the chance to grow in a fast paced and invigorating environment.

One company, not well known, but a large Roswell Ga employer is a company called Witness Systems. Witness is an internet company that helps analyze and monitor customer and prospect trends for corporations with on-line marketing and shopping services. While Witness employs 400 in Roswell Georgia, it is an international corporation with employees on every continent that chose Roswell Ga as a place to acquire top technical and customer service talent to grow their business.

For families concerned about education, St. Francis Schools in Roswell Georgia employs hundreds in Alpharetta and Roswell and provides a private education option to parents raising children in the Roswell Ga area.

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Three decades of experience, Atlanta’s Mark the Mover is a top choice for Alpharetta GA household moving

Mark the Mover has over three decades of moving Alpharetta households from Atlanta Georgia. Mark the Mover also serves movers Roswell Ga, Roswell, in northern Fulton County, Georgia, as of the 2006 census, had a population of 87,000. It is the seventh largest city in the state of Georgia, and is next to Alpharetta, outside the northern perimeter of Atlanta. The City of Roswell was founded by Roswell King, who came from St. Simons Island, GA in 1836. He started Roswell Manufacturing Company harnessing Vickery Creek to mill textiles from cotton. Roswell was incorporated on February 16, 1854. Union Soldiers occupied Roswell in July 1864 on their march to Atlanta, when Sherman ordered soldiers to burn the mill. When in 1901 telephone service came to Roswell, phone numbers were one digit. President Teddy Roosevelt has roots in Roswell. Most of Roswell’s growth is in the last decade and a half. According to the famous Frommer book series, Roswell is among the best nations to raise a family. Roswell, GA boasts a large service industry, with nearby Marietta and Alpharetta. Area employers include Lockheed, AT&T, Verizon, and tens of thousands in healthcare and hospitals. Transportation companies, of which Atlanta Moving Company Mark the Mover could be included, UPS and Ryder Logistics are in the North Fulton County Georgia wheelhouse.

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Best of Atlanta Moving companies

From just south of the Vinings Atlanta district that is near the Cobb Galleria is our 20,000 square foot moving storage warehouse and the Mark the Mover headquarters. From Smyrna Ga. you head south on South Atlanta Road and it turns into Marietta Blvd around the Pepsi plant. This is also near El Cantina Nueva Laredo, which is a great Mexican restaurant. Heading further south on Marietta Blvd you will encounter Carroll Drive where you make a right turn when coming south on Marietta Blvd.

We are also near the new Atlanta Ballet Center.

Movers Near Kennesaw Georgia

Up I75 from just south of Marietta in Atlanta, Mark the Mover has been moving Kennesaw households from the first time we were asked. Mark the Mover charges no fuel surcharges and never charges for pads or extra equipment like two-wheelers, four-wheelers and even lif-gates. We have several lift-gate trucks, but some of our trucks have ramps. Many traditional moving professional crew leaders prefer the ramp trucks over the lift gate trucks, in fact we are more likely to use the lift-gate trucks in the tighter confines of Buckhead than up in Kennesaw Georgia. When you call Mark the Mover our trained customer service professional will interview you about your Kennesaw moving needs and make note of the equipment required for your Kennesaw relocation needs.

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Moving and storage customers in Alpharetta are pretty good at using the internet, and we have had a web-site on the internet for more than ten years. During this period of time more and more moving and household relocation customers are using the internet to find a reputable moving company. In fact an entire website has grown up, called – where two young women documented their trials and tribulations in deciding whether to move themselves by renting a truck, or hire a cheap mover, or this mover or that mover. I think they got going before google reviews.

Google places is the current name for google local listings, and is another place to look to find the reputation of a moving company or any company. Google really got their local listings going in the last few years, and their service is similar to the local listings also served by Bing and yahoo search engines. The difference is that google seems to do a better job of making sure that their local listings are real, reputable local businesses. This is important in the moving business as there are a lot of companies that are not really moving companies, but call themselves moving brokers. recommends moving yourself, but they also say something we have to agree with, deal directly with a reputable moving company. Google seems to be the least likely to show consumers listings that are fly by night moving companies, or simply moving brokers that sell your information to moving companies that are not very well known.

Alpharetta Moving Company

Another source for information on the internet, besides, is the business directories that concentrate on helping consumers not just find a phone number, but leave reviews and comments. Angie’s List and Yelp are examples. Since we are located in Atlanta, we have been involved with Kudzu since its early days. Owned by Cox, Kudzu has quite a good following in Atlanta. If you are reading this from some other city or region, you might prefer yelp. The only problem with yelp is that they seem to be more focused on restaurants than on business in general. Still, we get quite a few moving customers that find us in Yelp.

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Mark the Mover, Atlanta Moving Company


From Atlanta Ga, and serving Alpharetta and Roswell Ga, the smart choice in moving companies must be Mark the Mover. 33 years of serving Atlanta Georgia, we are near the junction of I-75 and I-85 and can swoop up Ga-400 in a hurry to serve Alpahretta household relocations.

Mark the Mover is a really smart choice. Hundreds of Atlanta households have left reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s about Mark the Mover, in addition to other places, and they are very positive. These are real reviews too, we have noticed our competitors, especially those right around our number one internet ranking, insert fake reviews. And they are easy to spot. So when you look at our reviews, know that Mark the Mover has a reputation as a real good, but fair priced moving company for 33 years.

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We are not the most expensive moving company out there, but we are not going to cut service to compete on price either. Sad to say, there is a lot of cut throat pricing in the moving company, but the result is that their is also a lot of sad stories of loads held hostage, movers that did not show, and the final bill being twice or higher than what the consumer was sold to start with. Not with Mark the Mover, like I say, a Smart Choice.

Mark the Mover concentrates on local moving, and will be glad to relocate your household goods around Atlanta, Roswell Georgia, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and wherever you are moving locally. But Mark the Mover also does long distance moving, primarily around the southeastern United States like North Carolina,Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. But we also have gone to California, Washington DC and even Washington State. Our long distance moving service is an expedited process where your household goods arrive in the next state the same day or the next, or on longer moves, within a day or two, maybe three. As such, some homeowners choose to use a van lines for large shipments and Mark the Mover of a ‘core living’ assemblage of household goods like the bedrooms and kitchen, so life goes on more quickly.


Mark the Mover – the Smart choice in moving companies.

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