Atlanta Movers Checklist

Household moving, whether local or long distance is an important task. That is why at Mark the Mover moving company we provide an Atlanta Movers Checklist to assist our moving customers. Whether packing yourself or hiring our movers and packers, fell free to download and print the checklist found at our website by clicking the link above. We would love to help with the household relocation chores of loading, unloading and re-arranging. We can help you with all these tasks as well as packing, and we sell moving and packing supplies.

Relocation is time-taking, but you can speed the process on moving day with a smart choice in moving companies. Hiring a professional moving company eases the tensions of relocation. You will prevent stress by using a trusted name for 30 years, often recommended for moving and packing by your friends and neighbors.

Use our moving and relocation checklist to plan your move. Throw away the useless items or hold a garage sale or contribute to charity. Reduce your moving inventory to speed moving and reduce required packing supplies to pack your household items properly. Your many fragile items and delicate collectibles should be carefully packed in packing paper or bubble wrap. Call our moving consultants at 404-351-0018 for tips on packing fragile items. Label boxes with a big marker. Pack the least used items first and the most used items last. You should start packing weeks before moving day, you can pack off season items and goods kept on attic in the early stage of packing. Items that are not used frequently and can be packed right away. Label boxes with a big packing box permanent sharpie marker.

When packing the last items, packing by room is recommended. Leave the room completely packed and labelled. Room wise packing helps keep you organized. Make it sure to pack kitchen and kid’s room in last. Do not forget to label the boxes after packing items in the carton.