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Duluth Georgia Household goods movers Mark the Mover comes from Atlanta, but we are a great choice for Duluth movers. While all the other moving companies concentrate on the lowest price, we grow every year by concentrating on service. We refuse to make compromises in the quality of the household relocation experience we deliver at Mark the Mover. Hence, sometimes our price, which might run five to ten bucks an hour higher than another moving company, scares some people away.

Other people like our no-nonsense approach. We have a loyal following of repeat moving customers at Mark the Mover, customers moving their households from and to Virginia Highlands, Midtown, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Suwanee and Duluth.

So Duluth movers that are more concerned with their household, their time and see the big picture in managing their household relocation should call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018.


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What is the cheapest and safest way to move? According to www.movingscam.com the best way is to rent a truck and do it yourself. With your trusted friends and family and with the aid of the correct furniture dollies and plenty of packing materials and moving blankets, carefully load the truck with the heaviest items on the bottom. Fill voids with cushions, comforters, pillows and other small light items. For a good book on loading the moving truck go to the library and check out Tiers without Tears by John Watts and Steve McPherson.

That is what we think at Mark the Mover Moving Co, which could make you ask, then why do we need you guys? The answer is easy. Most moving companies try to tell you that they can do it just as cheap, just as well. But as www.movingscam.com points out, this is not true. That is why we at Mark the Mover won’t tell you that we can do it cheaper. We are more expensive than moving yourself, and more expensive than 75 % of other movers.

Mark the Mover offers service. Don’t hire a mover to risk your belongings or waste your time. If you have made it to a point in life where your time is valuable and you can afford professional help with your relocation effort, the moving professionals at Mark the Mover are the best call to make at (404) 351-0018.

If you are going to do it yourself, or take your chances with the fly by night low price moving company market, make sure to visit www.movingscam.com and sign up for an account.


Mark the Mover Atlanta is a no nonsense household relocation company and our motto is “We specialize in everything”. You see our moving trucks in Little Five Points, Inman Park and toward Freedom Park because we are a preferred mover of consumers that have built net worth into their households. No other mover has a better reputation for taking care of and making sure moving day goes smoothly.

Mark the Mover does not to compete with the guy with the pickup truck movers, we are a full service moving and packing company and Atlanta moving customers call on Mark the Mover when they know they have a big move and want it all done in one day. Other movers might have less experienced moving employees and some may even hire day labor or run their crews as sub-contractors to cut costs and compete on nothing but price, but that is not our game. We refuse to cut corners, and our customers respond by calling us because moving day is a carefully orchestrated day that can turn into a disaster if you accidently hire a mover that just wants to make a quick buck.

On the other hand, if you do not have a big investment in your household furnishings, maybe you are young, just starting out, or just knew out on your own, as a lot of us are in Little Five Points, it might make more sense to get the help of your friends or hire the cheapest moving company you can find. You can still use our Atlanta moving tips. If that is the case, pack your car before the movers arrive with the stuff you cannot afford to have damaged or missing. Keep you car in the driveway where there is little chance of a break in, and then let them have at it with the rest of your cheap furniture. If something gets broken, it was probably cheap IKEA furniture anyway. You can save a lot of money over a full service moving company, and that might be a wise agenda for you.

But whichever way you go, good luck with your relocation, and remember that you will move several times, and you can always use us as the value of your household grows.

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Atlanta Movers Mark the mover offer the best moving service for local and long distance relocation, our professional movers show up on time with well equipped moving trucks and plenty of moving supplies. Call today to reserve your crew at (404) 351 0018.

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Mark the Mover has been moving Atlanta residents and businesses for 30 years
Mark the Mover uses professional relocation experts and crew with modern moving equipment and trucks.
Mark the Mover relocation experts can move you locally or to 48 states.
Mark the Mover’s professional crews are available for this weekend and next, call early because we are usually fully booked by this time.
Mark the Mover’s professional relocation teams are on time and well dressed.
Mark the Mover has discount moving supplies – call us before you move or look at ABC boxes
Mark the Mover has a packing and moving checklist at our website at Atlanta Moving Tips
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In memory of …

Upon searching listings, we came across an old business directory, probably of zero value in a modern web 2.0 context.

Merchant Circle is a location based directory also selling directory services, they tout Business of the Year in 2006. Specific listing by zip codes fall under moving services and are chaotic. Atlanta Movers show out of zip and this unreliable directory shows unlicensed moving service listings, shows some company that rhymes with Babbage and might have no relation to moving services or computational engines. Also shows a search box for moving services which leads to five ad listings, and again the babbage at the top under the ads and it turns out they provide small business funding. What hooey.

But, despite finding such a mess, we found a bit of heartbreak from years passed.

The next listing was for Danny Delivers, which is interesting because Danny Kahn was murdered in 2008 in his Grant Park moving office, a murder that has never been solved. Danny was also a local musician who played at the Red Light Cafe in Midtown. His web link is not active and is hosted by a domain parking ad service.

Danny owned two rescue dogs, and also lived in the south Boulevard neighborhood. More at the AJC

Kahn’s body was discovered when firefighters responded to a well check at 10:30 pm on July 28, 2008. His family eulogized him, which can be found at Danny Kahn Eulogy. Danny died at 59 years old, he came from New York City and Great Neck, and his passing even reached the New York Times.

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I was talking to my mechanic and he said the last time he moved it wore him out. “I think I’ll call Mark the Mover next time I move” he said. Well that is not a big surprise for this guy, he is down the street from our international west midtown Atlanta local moving company headquarters, and he sees our big white trucks with the blue lettering coming and going every day of the week. But he isn’t much different than many household movers that use the quiet moving company with the big white trucks with blue lettering and the trademark blue Mark the Mover moving truck on the side. You see, we have grown in size and reputation with Atlanta movers mostly by word of mouth.

We don’t have giant billboards or loud commercials. The way you hear about Mark the Mover is by asking friends and neighbors about moving company experiences. We put our money into a good moving service, with polite and professional moving crews and big clean moving trucks. Mark the Mover has been doing it this way for more than three decades, and over the years we have built a portfolio of thousands of moving customers that would use Mark the Mover for their local household moving again. Folks looking for moving companies near Duluth Georgia that ask co-workers and family about their moving experience with moving companies are likely to hear positive stories about Mark the Mover.

This works well for Mark the Mover. Something just doesn’t seem right about spending too much money on annoying advertising. Of course we spend a good deal of money on our trucks, and we have to spend extra to print the foot high phone number and the website on our moving trucks. But the internet has noticed our efforts, and we are number one when you search for Mark the Mover. In fact I just went to Yahoo and tried it and we are number one. Even our Facebook page shows up on the first page of results. Not that we make a big deal out of Facebook either. Facebook is challenging for Mark the Mover, because year in and year out we do the same thing, we provide a good moving service with well dressed moving crews, plenty of furniture pads, big local moving trucks and we show up on time and work fast. Some companies may overbook their moving crews. Horror stories on the internet sometimes include the moving company that didn’t show up till late in the evening or didn’t show up at all.

But we show up and get the job done. Some people say we cost a little more, but many of our customers value their time and our honest commitment to meet the schedule agreed upon when you reserved your spot. All we ask is a few days notice, as Mark the Mover is usually too busy to squeeze in last minute moving requests.

So when you are looking for moving companies near Duluth Ga, do a search for Mark the Mover and you will find the quiet little moving company that gives you clean cut crews, on time and ready to tackle your household relocation chores.