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From Atlanta Ga, and serving Alpharetta and Roswell Ga, the smart choice in moving companies must be Mark the Mover. 33 years of serving Atlanta Georgia, we are near the junction of I-75 and I-85 and can swoop up Ga-400 in a hurry to serve Alpahretta household relocations.

Mark the Mover is a really smart choice. Hundreds of Atlanta households have left reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s about Mark the Mover, in addition to other places, and they are almost positive. These are real reviews too, we have noticed our competitors, especially those right around our number one internet ranking, insert fake reviews. And they are easy to spot. So when you look at our reviews, know that Mark the Mover has a reputation as a real good, but fair priced moving company for 33 years.

We are not the most expensive moving company out there, but we are not going to cut service to compete on price either. Sad to saay, there is a lot of cut throat pricing in the moving company, but the result is that their is also a lot of sad stories of loads held hostage, movers that did not show, and the final bill being twice or higher than what the consumer was sold to start with. Not with Mark the Mover, like I say, a Smart Choice.

Mark the Mover concentrates on local moving, and will be glad to relocate your household goods around Atlanta, Roswell Georgia, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and wherever you are moving locally. But Mark the Mover also does long distance moving, primarily around the southeastern United States like North Carolina,Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. But we also have gone to California, Washington DC and even Washington State. Our long distance moving service is an expedited process where your household goods arrive in the next state the same day or the next, or on longer moves, within a day or two, maybe three. As such, some homeowners choose to use a vanlines for large shipments and Mark the Mover of a ‘core living’ assemblage of household goods like the bedrooms and kitchen, so life goes on more quickly.

Mark the Mover – the Smart choice in moving companies.

Choosing a Moving Company

Coworkers and friends can help you find a moving company with a good reputation, and reading reviews to get a feel for how the moving company treats its customers are a good way to choose an Atlanta moving company. With Google® and the internet this research is much easier than in the past, checking reviews and emailing family and friends. Relocating your household is not as simple as picking a florist, but a similar process to start with is used.

To move your home and furnishings effectively takes proper planning. Selecting the right Atlanta Moving Company is part of the process, and we want to show you why choosing Mark the Mover is a well justified conclusion and how to measure Atlanta moving companies in general. First of all, a reputable moving company should have a website with contact information that is easily found on the internet. Run an internet search for Atlanta Movers and Mark the Mover will be one of the first Atlanta moving companies. Make sure the moving company shows their street address on their website. Disreputable moving companies like to hold your possessions hostage for more money, and won’t show you their address. Other companies use fake addresses.

Don’t use a moving company with a fake moving address. One of our Atlanta moving company competitors lists the state capitol building as their address. Another uses the Five Points Station in downtown Atlanta as their address. There are red flags. When a moving company is dishonest with their customers as to where they are located, they may be in the habit of ripping off consumers. Some movers don’t seem to have an address at all, or their address is in an office or condominium building. This is also a red flag, as these may be moving brokers, adding their commissions to the cost of your move. They then sell your information to the most desperate moving companies that may not have enough money after these commissions to do a good job for you.

Read reviews, but pay more attention to Kudzu and Yelp than Yahoo or Citysearch. Some web-sites make it very easy for tricky brokers and fly by night moving companies to enter their own fake reviews. but Kudzu and Yelp do some policing. Watch out for reviews that are too good, or list a number or always mention the brand name. Some companies pay for reviews with discounts, gift cards or bribes. Sometimes they are even decent companies, but at Mark the Mover we never pay for reviews or do fake reviews. While I don’t like the idea of offering a discount or a bribe for a review, I am more wary of the companies that enter their own fake reviews, so look out for reviews that come in clumps, mention the brand name too much, sound too syruppy or just all look suspicious.

If a site has an overwhelmingly positive number of reviews they are either fake or a good sign you are on the right track. You can also find sites like the Georgia Public Service Commission and where they do an independent job of collecting complaints and measuring the quality of movers. These are actually better than the BBB which tends to favor companies that pay higher rates of dues. Then there is that Angie’s kind of a thing, that is very aggressive about preventing companies from posting fake reviews. If they discover that a company is using their uncles and neighbors for paid reviews, they probably have a sever frown for that.

Also the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT) and their website collects information on movers, like our competitor that had their DOT revoked. You can look up fines and safety violations there. But remember, No company is perfect, but the more complaints at the BBB, the GPSC (Georgia Public Service Commission) and other consumer agencies the bigger the business better be, and if it is a brand new business, while they may have no complaints, they may also not be a good choice. Of course we also have a rival that changes the name of their company every year or two, claims to have been in business forever, but has no record under their current business name.

So when you are searching for the correct Atlanta moving company we hope you will consider Mark the Mover, but at any rate, know how to choose the right moving company, and we hope you have a successful houshold relocation!