Moving company ratings

JD Power and associates did a consumer satisfaction survey on big moving companies and Mayflower came out best. What was really interesting about the Mercury News article was that they also mentioned a site called that we recommend a lot. A quote from the article;

The Mayflower, a sailing ship

“If you’re going to hire a big, full-service moving company, Mayflower Transit looks like your best bet.”

Before you rule Mark the Mover out for your move, we are too small a company to be included in their survey. We are, among Georgia based moving companies, in the top eight. So we try harder. But my real point is that this survey of moving companies concentrated most of their focus on long distance moving companies. There were a few local moving companies mentioned but the best they did was average. At Mark the Mover, we get a lot of repeat moving business because we do a great job for our moving customers.

Now don’t get me wrong, not every customer that has ever called Mark the Mover is happy, in fact some never use us, because they think they are getting a better deal somewhere else. But we try to charge a fair price and do an excellent job. And unlike the many low price moving scams on the internet, we refuse to joim the race to cut prices and service in a challenging economy. But I don’t want to talk about all the games played, you can find out more about that at

New Moving Company Reviews Startup from

Hughes Removals York UK

A new Moving Company Reviews has started at moving waldo which we learned about at an American Moving and Storage Association trade show. The moving review site will get traffic from and will screen reviews with the Bill of Lading number, allowing consumers to be certain that the reviews are real, and from consumers that really used the moving company in question. Relocation reviewers are still in the beta stage, yet in our latest conversations they said that they had worked closely with regulators in the state of Florida to insure moving companies complied with state and local regulations, an excellent first step for consumers to avoid companies that specialize in hostage loads and low-ball estimates to hook the moving customer, only to provide an expensive and poor quality service.