ERP Packages

ERP Packages

Free trials.  Both Xtuple and OpenBravo are open source software, and allow free downloads for Windows computers to evaluate the software.  Consultants with Linux and Sql knowledge can even implement multi-user solutions in the free and open source format.  Licensing for commercial use should be considered to help defray development costs for the publishers.

Seats vs Users; Most software for networks should be controlled by user, i.e. my use of the software allows me to do anything, including adding and deleting other users.  The new person answering the phones and entering vendor invoices, already coded and approved with g/l distribution, does not have permission to add more users, or cut checks.

With QuickBooks when you have three users, you have three seats.  You are not to install their software on twenty different computers but use only three at once as that is a violation of their licensing terms.

With the packages we review, you may have these twenty different computers with the software installed all linked to the database server.  But only the allowed and licensed number of users may run concurrently, i.e. be logged in and entering data or inquiring, at precisely the same time.

Compared to QuickBooks, OpenBravo is quite expensive.  Quickbooks, for three seats, costs around $ 687 per year and includes 60 days of support during each annual upgrade. With discounts it can be even less.  Support can be purchased seperately. However for five concurrent users they jump to $ 2,000 according to their web-site, and I have found their technical people reliuctant to tout this configuration.  They also offer an Enterprise version which costs around one and a half times more, but offers a more robust and SQL styled database engine and supports much higher numbers of seats.

Five Seats – Good for Eight to 12 Users

Year One$ 5,000$ 4,500
Per Year$ 5,000$ 1,850
 Add Seats Annual$ 1000$ 162

Key Software Features

 Servers None, Windows, Linux None, Windows, Linux
 DatabaseSqlServer, MySql PostgresSql
 Concurrency Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
 Full Demo Free, Single Seat Free, Single Seat
 Clients Windows, Linux Windows, Mac

From Xtuple; Software maintenance – access to all upgrades, major and minor – is included in the annual license, as is direct helpdesk support from xTuple if you have 15 or more licensed users.  The annual license is like a subscription.  You are licensed to use the software as long as you are current on your payments (either annual or monthly).  If you’re more than 30 days late, you could be in default of your license and support agreements. The perpetual license is a one-time purchase of the then-current version of the software.  Software maintenance is priced separately – currently at 18% of the current per-user license cost, and required for at least the first year.  Direct support from xTuple is another 7% on top of the maintenance (which is a prerequisite for support).

Wolf Rayet 104

A Wolf Rayet star is larger than the Sun and two or there times hotter. It is suspected that some stars of this class are fusing heavier elements in their cores. They are identified by light emitted by ionised helium, nitrogen and carbon.

WR 104 is about 7500 light years from Earth. It is actually three stars,

Movers in Atlanta

For some, when looking for moving companies in Atlanta, the lowest price is their only concern. But for some a low price is not enough. An experience with a moving company that was late or careless with their possessions leads many moving consumers to search for a reliable and trusted company, and for many Mark the Mover customers they learn of Mark the Mover by asking around. More than half of our customers come from repeat customers or referrals of our customers. For Mark the Mover, that makes the best form of advertising just doing a good job.

Other people learn about Mark the Mover from or Yelp, two review site very popular with consumers in Atlanta. We especially like, an arm of the Cox Media Group, as they employ lots of people in Atlanta. We are a locally owned and operated Atlanta small business and like to do business with people from Atlanta. Folks from Sandy Springs, Roswell Georgia and Alpharetta learn about moving companies and their reviews by going online and using the resources that are available.

Some companies try to manufacture reviews. They hire off shore companies to leave reviews, and some of these schemes have been discovered. Folks are learning to see that if a company has reviews that sound like a bunch of bunk, that’s what they are. Look at a companies feedback and try to judge if these are real people, or are they just a bunch of made up self promotion reviews. Some people look for users that only have one review, and these are sometimes a sign that the account was created to just to leave a moving company review. But sometimes you will see an account name that has hundreds of reviews, and they are still a fake account.

From HuffPo;

One company that posted bogus praise online for its clients told its writers to make their reviews seem authentic by using fewer superlatives, throwing in slang and improving their grammar, according to New York’s top prosecutor.

“Make them sound like personal cases, this is important,” the company, Webtools, told its freelance writers, according to court documents. “Do not make them sound like an advertisement. Do not make them sound the same.”

The article goes on to describe how New York State has cracked down on fake reviews, and how big companies like Yelp have begun to screen more carefully the accounts that may have been created just to leave phony reviews. But not all reviews are created equally. Other places for reviews are saturated with fake reviews and phony accounts.

Google is making an interesting push toward more honest online reviews. Many google accounts are now identified as a real first and last name. However, the problem with this approach is that when peoples names are put on the internet, they may be reluctant to complain as loudly about a company that has their credit card information, and may still be needed to follow up on some relocation issues.

At Mark the Mover, we’re all for a combination of approached. Ask friends and neighbors and use online resources as well. With thousands of moves over the more than three decades of moving services in Atlanta, Mark the Mover has probably moved someone you know. And since we put our effort into moving and not giant billboards or noisy commercials, chances are that you will hear good things about us. But you can also check out Mark the Mover online. With hundreds of reviews, you will learn that we aren’t perfect, but we are pretty darn good.

Atlanta Moving Company

An Atlanta moving company is a Georgia incorporated household goods transport company incorporated in Georgia and licensed in Georgia. The largest locally owned and operated local moving companies in Atlanta are Atlanta Peach Movers, Mark the Mover and Bulldog Movers. The last company also does business under the Buckhead, 1866 and the Idomoving brand names. The best moving company of the bunch of course is Mark the Mover moving company Atlanta Ga. With tons of local moving reviews on Yelp and Kudzu, Mark the Mover is a trusted name in household relocation.

More companies in Atlanta that are locally owned are Peachtree Movers, a commercial moving company that also does household moving and Georgia Pack and Load. Locally owned and operated companies are part of the Atlanta community, and often will give your spending more Atlanta bang for the buck, without the profits going to some other states headquarters. For example Two Men is a franchise operation, with a portion of the proceeds going back to the Two Men headquarters where the advertising and marketing dollars are spent out of state.

Another Atlanta company worth mentioning is Atlantic Relocation, an agent of Atlas Van Lines. For long distance moving, sometimes the van liners are the way to go. They consolidate shipments of several households on a single truck, and while they take longer they usually offer more competitive pricing because they can lower their fuel and driving costs by moving several households on a single large moving van.

Open Source ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Customer Relationship Management systems also known as CRM and ERP are valuable tools for companies wishing to use computing efficiencies to streamline operations. ERP systems focus on accounting, inventory and production systems and CRM is a tool to help customer service, sales and prospecting.

While proprietary software systems such as QuickBooks® exist that cover part of the ERP spectrum, and additional modules have been made available, more and more companies are looking at open-source software systems based on Linux servers. While companies quite regularly surrender to the Windows environment for the desktop needs of employees, the backroom server operations still allow IT departments to choose avoid single vendor dependence by using powerful Linux based servers and databases to form the backbone of their information processing operations.

While many larger companies have a need for active directory (AD) functionality, the core Windows flavor of the AD server environment forces savvy IT managers look for back room solutions that would not be susceptible to a windows kernel worm or virus attack. Additionally in the Unix community, the carrier-grade projects have produced up-time records that will never be met by propretary server operating systems. The memory leaks of certain proprietary systems lead to gradual degradation per unit of up-time and still persist in that environment.

Open Source software solutions for ERP and CRM are available that base the back room operations on the reliability, scalability and versatility of Linux servers while offering client computing on web browsers, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as Apple products. Packages such as Xtuple, Compiere and OpenBravo use a variety of powerful technologies that are growing in the quality and dependability of applications as quickly as Linux variants such as Ubuntu have grown for the desktop and laptop.

Smart and careful participants should keep watch for Open Source ERP and CRM for Atlanta companies.

New Hampshire Moving Companies

Morneau Moving in Berlin New Hampshire is no longer serving Berlin customers and The Country Picker moving company is instead serving the Berlin NH territory. Berlin is straight north of our home base in Conway NH where we also satisfy household relocation customers in western Maine including Fryeburg, Bridgton Maine, Lovell and Brownfield customers. The Country Picker movers has more than 30 years of moving and packing experience and we serve the north country region with moving services.

Morneau Movers in Berlin New Hampshire also served customers in Jackson NH and Bartlett NH and The Country Pickers movers are now serving those areas too to fill in for Morneau Moving. Moving services in South Chatham also are complemented with moving services in Conway, North Conway and Center Conway as well as Madison and Eaton New Hampshire.

Also around Berlin we handle commercial and residential moving for Gorham New Hampshire including shipping and rigging for air freight out of Gorham Municipal Airport. Also Randolph NH and Jefferson NH moving services are offered by the Country Picker to fill in for the Morneau Moving Company moving services.

Also the Country Picker will handle your moving chores in Errol, Colebrook, Stratford, Clarksville and Pittsburg New Hampshire. Contact The Country Picker or for Berlin New Hampshire Moving and Storage click on Moving Company Berlin NH