In memory of …

Upon searching listings, we came across an old business directory, probably of zero value in a modern web 2.0 context.

Merchant Circle is a location based directory also selling directory services, they tout Business of the Year in 2006. Specific listing by zip codes fall under moving services and are chaotic. Atlanta Movers show out of zip and this unreliable directory shows unlicensed moving service listings, shows some company that rhymes with Babbage and might have no relation to moving services or computational engines. Also shows a search box for moving services which leads to five ad listings, and again the babbage at the top under the ads and it turns out they provide small business funding. What hooey.

But, despite finding such a mess, we found a bit of heartbreak from years passed.

The next listing was for Danny Delivers, which is interesting because Danny Kahn was murdered in 2008 in his Grant Park moving office, a murder that has never been solved. Danny was also a local musician who played at the Red Light Cafe in Midtown. His web link is not active and is hosted by a domain parking ad service.

Danny owned two rescue dogs, and also lived in the south Boulevard neighborhood. More at the AJC

Kahn’s body was discovered when firefighters responded to a well check at 10:30 pm on July 28, 2008. His family eulogized him, which can be found at Danny Kahn Eulogy. Danny died at 59 years old, he came from New York City and Great Neck, and his passing even reached the New York Times.