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Mark the Mover is a preferred mover for customers that have used Mark the Mover before, and we think that may be the fact as much as for any moving company anyplace or anytime. Mark the Mover started over 30 years ago in Virginia Highland with Mark and his pickup truck. We have grown to where now Mark the Mover uses a fleet of more than a dozen 26 foot local moving trucks to help moving customers in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell Georgia and Alpharetta for their household relocation needs.

Atlanta customers have learned to trust Mark the Mover because we are a moving company that never over books our crews and delivers a quality moving and relocation effort. Mark the Mover is not out to prove that we can give you the lowest price. We leave it to other, more desperate moving companies to fight for the moving customers that only judge a company by a low price. Experienced moving customers learn that a moving day can turn into a disaster when you hire a company that does not have the resources to properly manage the moving day.

Mark the Mover customers are households that have grown with some antiques, many rooms and heavy furniture, and know the value of a well managed moving effort. Relocating your Atlanta household is stressful by its lonesome, and our customers are content that while Mark the Mover does not have any air of hoity-toity pretense, at the same time we make no excuses for the precautions we take and the care we take to engage a professional well trained work force. If you have not moved up to the level to use our services, we completely understand. There are movers that handle small apartment moves that won’t do too much harm to your pressboard furniture.

In fact, Mark the Mover has its roots in moving with a pickup truck. But we are in the big leagues now, moving customers in the six state region around Georgia including North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. Also with local moving around Atlanta including the most discriminating households in Buckhead on Wieuca and Tuxedo Road and including Sandy Springs. We come by these customers quite often because they moved with us before. So if you are moving up and looking for a mover you can rely on, the smart move is to call Mark the Mover.

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ERP Packages

ERP Packages

Free trials.  Both Xtuple and OpenBravo are open source software, and allow free downloads for Windows computers to evaluate the software.  Consultants with Linux and Sql knowledge can even implement multi-user solutions in the free and open source format.  Licensing for commercial use should be considered to help defray development costs for the publishers.

Seats vs Users; Most software for networks should be controlled by user, i.e. my use of the software allows me to do anything, including adding and deleting other users.  The new person answering the phones and entering vendor invoices, already coded and approved with g/l distribution, does not have permission to add more users, or cut checks.

With QuickBooks when you have three users, you have three seats.  You are not to install their software on twenty different computers but use only three at once as that is a violation of their licensing terms.

With the packages we review, you may have these twenty different computers with the software installed all linked to the database server.  But only the allowed and licensed number of users may run concurrently, i.e. be logged in and entering data or inquiring, at precisely the same time.

Compared to QuickBooks, OpenBravo is quite expensive.  Quickbooks, for three seats, costs around $ 687 per year and includes 60 days of support during each annual upgrade. With discounts it can be even less.  Support can be purchased seperately. However for five concurrent users they jump to $ 2,000 according to their web-site, and I have found their technical people reliuctant to tout this configuration.  They also offer an Enterprise version which costs around one and a half times more, but offers a more robust and SQL styled database engine and supports much higher numbers of seats.

Five Seats – Good for Eight to 12 Users

Year One$ 5,000$ 4,500
Per Year$ 5,000$ 1,850
 Add Seats Annual$ 1000$ 162

Key Software Features

 Servers None, Windows, Linux None, Windows, Linux
 DatabaseSqlServer, MySql PostgresSql
 Concurrency Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
 Full Demo Free, Single Seat Free, Single Seat
 Clients Windows, Linux Windows, Mac

From Xtuple; Software maintenance – access to all upgrades, major and minor – is included in the annual license, as is direct helpdesk support from xTuple if you have 15 or more licensed users.  The annual license is like a subscription.  You are licensed to use the software as long as you are current on your payments (either annual or monthly).  If you’re more than 30 days late, you could be in default of your license and support agreements. The perpetual license is a one-time purchase of the then-current version of the software.  Software maintenance is priced separately – currently at 18% of the current per-user license cost, and required for at least the first year.  Direct support from xTuple is another 7% on top of the maintenance (which is a prerequisite for support).

Building implosion

Arts Center Building Implosion

Two Midtown streets will be closed for a planned building implosion via @NorthsideNbr

Office building to be razed this weekend, making way for massive Midtown Union via @CurbedAtlanta