From the news, when a low price was a costly moving company decision

You have to feel sorry for this family that thought they had found an incredible deal, far lower than any other moving company. But the deal turned out to be too good to be true. The fact is that there is an excellent web-site, started by a couple of women, not in any way affiliated with us, called – Now tells us one honest truth that would have been a lot of help for the couple in this story, if you want to move for the least amount of money, rent a truck and pack it yourself. They would never have lost control of their possessions if they would have moved themselves.

The story is at the MyFox Atlanta website;


The first step these companies do is to throw you a lower price, not just a little lower but much lower. At Mark the Mover, more than three fourths of our moves are done at an hourly rate, so our less than honest competitors call us, pose as customers on the phone and get our rates. Then, they always offer people calling around 30 – 36 $ an hour less than what we charge. From the story; “the quote changed” Of course it did. A company has certain expenses to offer a service. No company can magically offer something for half the price. Reputable companies are up front with what things cost. When you are arranging in advance for a service, there is no such thing as getting close-out or last years model. “we feel like we’ve been tricked and manipulated”

Yes you were!

You thought that someone had saved the day. They offered an explanation, we just happen to have an empty truck going in that direction … and you thought you had a great deal. But the consumer did not check with the BBB or look at on-line reviews at Yelp, or ask friends, they just hoped they were dealing with a reputable moving company.

We are sorry to have to admit that the moving industry has its share of scam artists. And that is why we value our reputation and protect our reputation. We can’t do that by trying to compete with companies that just try to undercut our quotes with prices they never intend to honor. Don’t waste your time, when you here something that is too good to be true, it probably is.