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While the Coke Classic snarls traffic along I20 near Decatur Ga, Friday is what is often called moving day in the golf tournament world. That’s the day when golfers risk not making the cut. Normally with over 100 players in the tournament, the field is cut in half after Friday’s round.

Moving day is also a good day to have Mark the Mover on your team. The quiet but efficient Atlanta moving company has more than three decades experience with Decatur Ga households. We have moved thousands of families around the Atlanta area over the years. That’s why we ask moving customers to ask their friends and neighbors about their moving experience. Mark the Mover doesn’t budget a lot of money towards expensive television commercials or giant billboards, at Mark the Mover our best advertising is the great job we try to do with every moving experience.

When consumers are looking for moving companies near Decatur Ga so they can make their moving day a success. Moving customers move up the leader board when they call an experienced and professional moving company near Decatur Ga and at Mark the Mover we have big, clean trucks with polite and uniformed moving crews to provide excellent service relocating your household.

Moving Companies near Alpharetta Ga

Households in Alpharetta Georgia looking for a moving company sometimes start by asking friends and neighbors about the moving company they used. This works well for Mark the Mover, since we have over three decades of moving experience in Atlanta. Many people start out living in Atlanta and end up in Alpharetta over the years, while their homes accumulate finer furnishings and heavier goods. Right after college we are prone to just call as many friends with a pickup truck as we can find. After settling into our first apartment and gathering some simple furniture our next step is to call around and find the cheapest moving company we can.

But we learn our lesson. The moving company that offers the cheapest rate doesn’t usually show up on time. They break our stuff or we end up watching their every move, if you know what I mean. The fact is that when you are offering the cheapest rate, you need to cut corners on insurance, on what you can afford to pay employees, on keeping your trucks well maintained so they don’t break down. So next time we move we realize we need to pay a little more.

I’ve seen it said that the cheapest way to move is to hire some day labor and pack it yourself. But what if an accident happens, you better make sure you have an insurance umbrella that cover an unfortunate outcome. The simple fact is that moving companies that are established and licensed through the Georgia Public service commission. For a list of licensed Georgia Public Commission moving companies, go to the Mark the Mover home page at and at the bottom is a link to licensed moving companies.

It’s valuable to look at the list of licensed movers for another reason. Out of state boiler room operations advertise heavily on the internet and make impressive looking websites to appear to be a local moving company. But they in fact are charging a premium to pass your information on to unknown moving companies that cannot sell themselves. They are too new to the business, or in one case recently a moving company kept changing its name to run from the bad reputation they had developed under other names. In this case they used a name very close to a very reputable Atlanta company.

Mark the Mover has also had experience with shady operators pretending to be us and even crafting letterhead, we can only call these people imposters. One case came to light when an unhappy mover called our office to complain, and we didn’t move them. We are very sorry when this happens, but it ties back to our advice to check the Georgia Public Service Commission list of licensed movers, linked on our web page, and check the phone number you are calling to contact the moving company. For example, you reach Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018. When we call our customers, we call from 404-351-0018. Our website is and our phone number is right on our website. We sure wish everyone who wanted to use a reputable mover made sure they were dealing with the company.

Moving is stressful enough, and it is not just a runaround when end up in contact with an out of state boiler room operation, it adds to the cost of the move. The boiler room operation takes their money off the top and that adds to the cost of the move. Even the most upright of these types of operations spend sums of money on advertising, marketing and promotion. We know of one company that runs a national advertising campaign, but they pay for that by charging consumers directly for membership in their system, and in this case, they do a good job of getting people directly in touch with real moving companies.

There are free resources available to look at the reputation of moving companies though, for example when you use Google, the local listing allows consumers to review the company. They drawback is that some companies make their own fake reviews, are give their customer some sort of incentive for placing a review on Google.

So if you are ready for a stress free moving day, look up our reviews, ask your friends and neighbors, ask family and co-workers, and because we have moved thousands of households in Atlanta and Alpharetta, we’re sure you will hear good things about Mark the Mover.

Atlanta Moving Company

Mark the Mover is a preferred mover for customers that have used Mark the Mover before, and we think that may be the fact as much as for any moving company anyplace or anytime. Mark the Mover started over 30 years ago in Virginia Highland with Mark and his pickup truck. We have grown to where now Mark the Mover uses a fleet of more than a dozen 26 foot local moving trucks to help moving customers in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell Georgia and Alpharetta for their household relocation needs.

Atlanta customers have learned to trust Mark the Mover because we are a moving company that never over books our crews and delivers a quality moving and relocation effort. Mark the Mover is not out to prove that we can give you the lowest price. We leave it to other, more desperate moving companies to fight for the moving customers that only judge a company by a low price. Experienced moving customers learn that a moving day can turn into a disaster when you hire a company that does not have the resources to properly manage the moving day.

Mark the Mover customers are households that have grown with some antiques, many rooms and heavy furniture, and know the value of a well managed moving effort. Relocating your Atlanta household is stressful by its lonesome, and our customers are content that while Mark the Mover does not have any air of hoity-toity pretense, at the same time we make no excuses for the precautions we take and the care we take to engage a professional well trained work force. If you have not moved up to the level to use our services, we completely understand. There are movers that handle small apartment moves that won’t do too much harm to your pressboard furniture.

In fact, Mark the Mover has its roots in moving with a pickup truck. But we are in the big leagues now, moving customers in the six state region around Georgia including North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. Also with local moving around Atlanta including the most discriminating households in Buckhead on Wieuca and Tuxedo Road and including Sandy Springs. We come by these customers quite often because they moved with us before. So if you are moving up and looking for a mover you can rely on, the smart move is to call Mark the Mover.

Atlanta Movers

Atlanta Movers

Making a safe choice of a household relocation company is a relief when your entire household of possessions are placed in their trust.  Maybe when we were younger and our stuff fit in a van and a pickup truck, it was easier to let a stranger drive off hoping that it will reach the intended destination. So these days, making a smart choice reduces stress and prevents an expensive mistake. Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover Company will help you take all the right precautions. First, Mark the Mover has a great reputation.  Ask your friends and neighbors, with our 30 years of Atlanta moving experience, a lot of people have moved their households with Mark the Mover. Second we have a plethora of positive reviews on web-sites such as google, yelp and home reports, and third, when you talk to our moving professionals, we will help you understand all your needs and options for moving day.

Local moves are our biggest business segment, even if you just want to move a few miles, we will make it a smooth relocation effort. You don’t need to worry about strained muscles or someones back going out, Mark the Mover employs and complies with Workman’s Compensation rules for all of our workforce. Many movers scrimp on this protection, leaving the moving employee’s lawyer to focus their money recovery efforts back on the homeowner.  You don’t need that.

Mark the Mover is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association and the Georgia Moving and Storage Association.  We are licensed with the Georgia Public Service Commission and have a top rating with the BBB.

Check with co-workers and relatives about Mark the Mover, you will surely find people that have had a positive experience with us. Ask folks that have moved recently to select the best Atlanta moving company. Ask them about their household relocation experience, to better understand how good the moving company’s services were. Make a list of professional moving companies in Atlanta Georgia suggested by your friends.

Do some homework at, where a couple of really nice people have spent their lives, as a hobby, collecting and moderating information on moving companies. By the way, they will tell you that the cheapest way to move is to rent a truck. I am only trying to save you the hassle of doing this all yourself.

Call te best moving companies you find. Sometimes one company will be busier than another. We are often booked up on weekends and at the end of the month, unless you call ahead and reserve your moving crew.

I like the movingscam web-site because they have plenty of stories of moving companies providing low-ball pricing, only to demand double or triple the original price on the tail end, all before they will unload a single piece of furniture. My biggest frustration is the consumer that thinks my price sounds high, and then they go out and use one of these fly-by-night operators and get burned. I try to warn them.

One of the biggest tail end suprises these ‘flat rate’ movers usually spring on the consumer is over-weight, but they will also exploit contract clauses such as ‘long-carry’, packaging materials, blankets, etc. Most of these things are covered in my flat hourly fee, for example we will liberally use furniture pads at no charge to you.

So write down Mark the Mover Moving Company, we are on Marietta Blvd south of Vinings, but north of Georgia Tech.  Our phone is 404-351-0018

Moving Companies Decatur Ga

Mark the Mover Moving Company has more than three decades experience serving Decatur Georgia and surrounding homeowners with reliable household moving services. Local and long distance, Mark the Mover has become a household name in Decatur, Mark the Mover has earned the reputation for being convenient and coordinated. Convenient means that at Mark the Mover it is easy to call and talk to our customer service staff. We make an extra effort to reserve moving crews that will be dedicated to your household moving whether it is local or long distance. Coordinated means that we not only show up on time, we show up with enough men and trucks to get the job done quickly and that is why Atlanta and Decatur Ga movers use Mark the Mover to move their household goods.

Other famous Decaturs include Decatur Alabama and Decatur Illinois where two major employers are Caterpillar and Archer Daniels Midland. Decatur Georgia is by comparison a small business town, with the largest employers being government jobs. However the number of small commercial enterprises is very large in Decatur with a major industrial area stretching towards Panola Road.