Solar Power Costs


4 Home Depot panels for 1200 watts total $1,369.00

60 Amp Solar Charge Controller $450.00

1800 Watt Inverter $433.00

50 Car batteries. ???

So there you have it, around $2,250 not including batteries. If you can find a spot with no shade, facing the sun and south of the Mason Dixon Line, you could charge 50 batteries in a month.

A refrigerator is going to average 100 watts an hour, a chest freezer the same. If you avoid opening the door it can be even less. A laptop computer would use 25 watts, some led bulbs the same. 50 car batteries will keep your chest freezer cold for at least a week. If you get a little sun to recharge the batteries it could go a month. If the freezer is well insulated and weather is cool, even longer.

A weak link in a north 40 solar setup is the inverter. You might even want to keep a spare around, they fail a lot. Instead of buying one big inverter buy several small inverters. One note is that refrigerators and freezers use two to three times the average power to start the compressor. If you have a refrigerator or freezer in your cabin plan on at least 1200 watts for that circuit to cover startup.

Solar charging 18650

Stop trying to charge standard 18650 batteries with solar. This is just a bad combination.

It can be done, but when you combine multiple cells it gets complicated by charge balancing and the risks are too great.

Dual cell charge packs have become pretty common, the problem probably arises more when you do a lot of charge and discharge cycles in larger arrays.

The fact is that most large arrays are not the standard Lithium Polymer but a more robust and versatile Lithium Iron battery.

There are, however, a prepackaged solution that is cheaper and fun to play with. Look for the small, prepackaged solutions.


Walmart for $12.99 has the iMeshbean 50000mAh Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Panel Charger(Black)

Ebay for $15.00 has the TG Waterproof 900000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB Battery Power Bank F Phone

Amazon for $18.00 has the Solar Charger 20000mAh Power Bank, Portable Charger Solar Phone Charger with 2 USB Port 2 LED Light External Battery Pack for Emergency Travelling Camping, iPhone Android Cellphone Charging (Orange)

Search these guys for Solar Power USB Charger and save yourself time and money.

For larger storage projects stick to the battery technologies that are tried and true for use with the charging controllers that are sold with the solar panels.

Boeing 737 Max

As of July 30, 2019 the Boeing 737 Max is still pretty much out of service. The replacement for the Boeing 737 was grounded in March of 2019 by regulators world wide after it’s second major mishap.

The original Boeing 737 began life in 1967, a medium sized and rugged passenger jet airplane suited for short and medium length flights, and powerful enough for takeoff on shorter runways.

Southwest Airlines was built on the original Boeing 737, and has delayed retirement of the old birds to deal with problems with the new 737 Max. Since its inception, Southwest Airlines has flown more than 700 of the older 737 in their fleet.

When Boeing made the decision to build a replacement for the 737, they faced some design challenges because the 737 had a lot of power for a smaller large jet. Boeing chose to keep the original flight controls in an updated jet by designing a fly-by-wire system that mimicked the older 737 operations to fly the newer 737 Max aircraft.

Boeing assured flight engineers, pilots, regulators and pilot training authorities that pilots familiar with the operating characteristics of the older 737 would be comfortable and competent with the new 737 Max controls. Most authorities agreed, and minimal pilot retraining was demanded for pilots with certification in the old 737 to transition to the 737 Max.

Fly-by-wire advocates are certain that the flaws that might or might not have contributed to the mishaps will be resolved, and the 737 Max will return to service. While some authorities have questioned the capabilities and characteristics of the fly-by-wire computer programs, other sources in the news have indicated that the mishaps may have been caused by bird strikes and poor maintenance, not purely software related.

Ransomware virus windows versions

The incompetent news media staffed by reporters that barely know how to use their computers has done a poor job of telling consumers what computers are vulnerable to the latest Wannacry virus, how it spreads, how we can protect ourselves and how it spreads.

[random_image]The public needs information that is not a long story, and not a long story entirely devoid of any facts about the latest Petya variant going around the Ukraine today.

A quick synopsis of the needed information can be found at the Python Lineup – with Windows, it is easy to avoid ransomare

Pine Trees Lightning Motherboards

If you have lost several motherboards, routers and modems to lightning strikes, you need to consider the population and placement of pine trees around the location of your computer equipment, and their effect amplifying the harm lightning can cause.

  • Inductive amplification. The pine needle is a perfect form for gaussian magnification and the re-transmission of differential Fourier wave front potential.
  • Positional capacitance. The place of trees to the north and south of said computer equipment ramps up the effects.
  • Hilltoppiness. This should explain itself.
  • Granitular foundation. The subsoil can also lead to amplification, where a lack of porosity due to non clay barriers increases the strength of a static strike.
  • R’s and D’s in the street address. Because nearby street signs also are a factor in the net voltage potential, streets that begin in R and end in D have the greatest risk. If they are a ‘road’ it could double the potential.

Before we continue, a poem;

A home transformed by the lightning 
the balanced alcoves smother 
this insatiable earth of a planet, Earth. 
They attacked it with mechanical horns 
because they love you, love, in fire and wind. 
You say, what is the time waiting for in its spring? 
I tell you it is waiting for your branch that flows, 
because you are a sweet-smelling diamond architecture 
that does not know why it grows.

We also must have a discussion of weather patterns that move from west to east. And a soft boiled egg, buttered toast and orange juice.