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Consumers look for a moving company for local moving around Atlanta Georgia as well as longer moving to Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina and Florida use Mark the Mover for their first choice in moving companies. Mark the Mover started with Mark in his pickup truck more than 30 years ago in Virginia Highland. Also serving Morningside, Inman Park and Midtown Atlanta, Mark and his friends moved households carefully and with a friendly smile and good manners. Since then, Mark the Mover has grown to where we don’t use any pickup trucks for moving anymore. Now we move households with local delivery trucks that get in and out of traffic in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia that are specially outfitted for moving and are called local moving vans in our moving company industry.

Vahi Movers

We use moving trucks that range in length from 22 to 30 feet and can pack between three and four bedrooms depending on how much furniture your household owns. We handle many larger moves with a platoon of two or three trucks. No moving company gets it done more quickly, our crews of three, four, six or even eight professional moving men will load the first truck within a few hours. Then, wives often travel with the first moving truck to the new household location during the relocation process and assist two or three men in the moving crew that take the first truck on the trip to your new home.

Often, husbands or helpers stay behind to lead the moving crews in packing and moving decisions loading the next truck or two immediately after the first truck has left for the new environs. In this fashion, our fantastic moving company crews get more done in less time. As the second truck is filling up the crew members at the new location are following the direction of the homeowner to fill the new home with our valuable furniture and assist in making the home ready for the next truck. Sometimes even a third truck, in the case of large homes, is standing by for loading. As the first truck is finally unloaded, and the second truck begins the journey to the new home, the third truck on large homes is used to keep the loading and unloading process moving in a continuous fashion.

vahi movers

In case all the household goods to be moved did not fit into three truck loads, which sometimes happens with our largest household relocation efforts, it will be clear while the third truck is being loaded, and we have in some cases sent the first truck back to complete the relocation, usually very early in the afternoon by now. We have had crews in large multiple truck situations brak for supper in the early afternoon, usually for just a short time and often at the assistance of the homeowners that are astonished at how hard our moving professionals work, only to finish the third truck load before dinner. In that rare case where the first truck has headed back, the remainder begins to be loaded late in the afternoon, and that will finish off just about every situation short of a large mansion.

These large moving jobs are often people that first moved with Mark in the Virginia Highland days. Now Mark the Mover is located west of Midtown near the Howell Mill exit on I75. Mark the Mover gets more repeat customers than just about any moving company around. We are very fortunate that we can rely on a lot of business because so many customers used us in the past and call because they are not going to take chances with anotherĀ Virginia Highland movers moving company, so they call Mark the Mover. That is not to say there are not other good moving companies, but make sure, especially if you value your household goods and furnishings to check the Georgia Public Service Commission list of licensed Georgia moving companies for a company that you can trust.