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Mark the Mover Atlanta movers has been serving Loganville Households for more than three decades. Mark the Mover offers relocation, packing, loading and unloading, as well as full service moving storage from our midtown Atlanta movers location. Our 24 to 30 foot trucks are the white moving trucks with the blue logo moving truck on the side and our phone number in great big letters on the side with our motto ‘We Specialize in Everything’. That is kind of a funny tagline, as you can’t really specialize in everything. but we are really good at carrying and loading, relocating and unloading furniture and boxes for you Atlanta and Loganville Georgia moving experience.

Choosing a moving company can be a daunting project, there are so many choices and many solicitations for the lowest rates. But many people that have had bad experiences with the promises of the cheapest moving prices are wise enough to look for a moving company that has a reputation for good service and the resources to get the job done on time. Just check moving company reviews or look at one of our favorite resources for moving, – where a truly nice bunch of people have put together reviews and complaints about moving companies. It is sad to say there are just too many moving companies that are more interested in making a quick buck than in building a valued reputation.

Our reputation at Mark the Mover is one of the things that keeps our prices low. Since we get around half are business from referrals and repeats, we find that the largest number of people that visit our website at are using the search term ‘Mark the Mover’. And we will show up first and you get to see our phone number, that has not changed for years, 404-351-0018

When you call us at the number you will be speaking to our customer service department for Mark the Mover, not some broker or somebody in another country. All our phones are in midtown Atlanta as well as our trucks and our storage. In fact our 20,000 feet of moving storage is just a few hundred feet from an Atlanta fire station. We have always done business this way and that is how we will continue to do business at Mark the Mover, not like some listings you see for moving companies that are just phone numbers fronts where they try to get your business and sell your information to the most desperate companies that cannot market themselves.

In a way, I guess we should feel sorry for these moving companies that do not have our reputation to rely on. Mark the Mover was once a little company, three decades ago. But we built a reputation starting in Virginia Highland and have grown to where our fleet consists of almost 20 trucks. So check with your friends and neighbors, Mark the Mover is a pretty smart choice in moving companies. We aren’t some guy with a 800 number selling moving services out of their bedroom that set up a couple of yahoo local listings. You call our number and you won’t pay for a middle man, big advertising, or fancy graphics design, just are funny little moving truck logo on the side of our trucks and a whole lot of good service from friendly, courteous and neatly dressed moving crews. We hope to hear from you soon!

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