Moving Companies near Duluth Ga

I was talking to my mechanic and he said the last time he moved it wore him out. “I think I’ll call Mark the Mover next time I move” he said. Well that is not a big surprise for this guy, he is down the street from our international west midtown Atlanta local moving company headquarters, and he sees our big white trucks with the blue lettering coming and going every day of the week. But he isn’t much different than many household movers that use the quiet moving company with the big white trucks with blue lettering and the trademark blue Mark the Mover moving truck on the side. You see, we have grown in size and reputation with Atlanta movers mostly by word of mouth.

We don’t have giant billboards or loud commercials. The way you hear about Mark the Mover is by asking friends and neighbors about moving company experiences. We put our money into a good moving service, with polite and professional moving crews and big clean moving trucks. Mark the Mover has been doing it this way for more than three decades, and over the years we have built a portfolio of thousands of moving customers that would use Mark the Mover for their local household moving again. Folks looking for moving companies near Duluth Georgia that ask co-workers and family about their moving experience with moving companies are likely to hear positive stories about Mark the Mover.

This works well for Mark the Mover. Something just doesn’t seem right about spending too much money on annoying advertising. Of course we spend a good deal of money on our trucks, and we have to spend extra to print the foot high phone number and the website on our moving trucks. But the internet has noticed our efforts, and we are number one when you search for Mark the Mover. In fact I just went to Yahoo and tried it and we are number one. Even our Facebook page shows up on the first page of results. Not that we make a big deal out of Facebook either. Facebook is challenging for Mark the Mover, because year in and year out we do the same thing, we provide a good moving service with well dressed moving crews, plenty of furniture pads, big local moving trucks and we show up on time and work fast. Some companies may overbook their moving crews. Horror stories on the internet sometimes include the moving company that didn’t show up till late in the evening or didn’t show up at all.

But we show up and get the job done. Some people say we cost a little more, but many of our customers value their time and our honest commitment to meet the schedule agreed upon when you reserved your spot. All we ask is a few days notice, as Mark the Mover is usually too busy to squeeze in last minute moving requests.

So when you are looking forĀ moving companies near Duluth Ga, do a search for Mark the Mover and you will find the quiet little moving company that gives you clean cut crews, on time and ready to tackle your household relocation chores.