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Moving and storage customers in Alpharetta are pretty good at using the internet, and we have had a web-site on the internet for more than ten years. During this period of time more and more moving and household relocation customers are using the internet to find a reputable moving company. In fact an entire website has grown up, called – where two young women documented their trials and tribulations in deciding whether to move themselves by renting a truck, or hire a cheap mover, or this mover or that mover. I think they got going before google reviews.

Google places is the current name for google local listings, and is another place to look to find the reputation of a moving company or any company. Google really got their local listings going in the last few years, and their service is similar to the local listings also served by Bing and yahoo search engines. The difference is that google seems to do a better job of making sure that their local listings are real, reputable local businesses. This is important in the moving business as there are a lot of companies that are not really moving companies, but call themselves moving brokers. recommends moving yourself, but they also say something we have to agree with, deal directly with a reputable moving company. Google seems to be the least likely to show consumers listings that are fly by night moving companies, or simply moving brokers that sell your information to moving companies that are not very well known.

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Another source for information on the internet, besides, is the business directories that concentrate on helping consumers not just find a phone number, but leave reviews and comments. Angie’s List and Yelp are examples. Since we are located in Atlanta, we have been involved with Kudzu since its early days. Owned by Cox, Kudzu has quite a good following in Atlanta. If you are reading this from some other city or region, you might prefer yelp. The only problem with yelp is that they seem to be more focused on restaurants than on business in general. Still, we get quite a few moving customers that find us in Yelp.