Moving Companies near Alpharetta Ga

Households in Alpharetta Georgia looking for a moving company sometimes start by asking friends and neighbors about the moving company they used. This works well for Mark the Mover, since we have over three decades of moving experience in Atlanta. Many people start out living in Atlanta and end up in Alpharetta over the years, while their homes accumulate finer furnishings and heavier goods. Right after college we are prone to just call as many friends with a pickup truck as we can find. After settling into our first apartment and gathering some simple furniture our next step is to call around and find the cheapest moving company we can.

But we learn our lesson. The moving company that offers the cheapest rate doesn’t usually show up on time. They break our stuff or we end up watching their every move, if you know what I mean. The fact is that when you are offering the cheapest rate, you need to cut corners on insurance, on what you can afford to pay employees, on keeping your trucks well maintained so they don’t break down. So next time we move we realize we need to pay a little more.

I’ve seen it said that the cheapest way to move is to hire some day labor and pack it yourself. But what if an accident happens, you better make sure you have an insurance umbrella that cover an unfortunate outcome. The simple fact is that moving companies that are established and licensed through the Georgia Public service commission. For a list of licensed Georgia Public Commission moving companies, go to the Mark the Mover home page at and at the bottom is a link to licensed moving companies.

It’s valuable to look at the list of licensed movers for another reason. Out of state boiler room operations advertise heavily on the internet and make impressive looking websites to appear to be a local moving company. But they in fact are charging a premium to pass your information on to unknown moving companies that cannot sell themselves. They are too new to the business, or in one case recently a moving company kept changing its name to run from the bad reputation they had developed under other names. In this case they used a name very close to a very reputable Atlanta company.

Mark the Mover has also had experience with shady operators pretending to be us and even crafting letterhead, we can only call these people imposters. One case came to light when an unhappy mover called our office to complain, and we didn’t move them. We are very sorry when this happens, but it ties back to our advice to check the Georgia Public Service Commission list of licensed movers, linked on our web page, and check the phone number you are calling to contact the moving company. For example, you reach Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018. When we call our customers, we call from 404-351-0018. Our website is and our phone number is right on our website. We sure wish everyone who wanted to use a reputable mover made sure they were dealing with the company.

Moving is stressful enough, and it is not just a runaround when end up in contact with an out of state boiler room operation, it adds to the cost of the move. The boiler room operation takes their money off the top and that adds to the cost of the move. Even the most upright of these types of operations spend sums of money on advertising, marketing and promotion. We know of one company that runs a national advertising campaign, but they pay for that by charging consumers directly for membership in their system, and in this case, they do a good job of getting people directly in touch with real moving companies.

There are free resources available to look at the reputation of moving companies though, for example when you use Google, the local listing allows consumers to review the company. They drawback is that some companies make their own fake reviews, are give their customer some sort of incentive for placing a review on Google.

So if you are ready for a stress free moving day, look up our reviews, ask your friends and neighbors, ask family and co-workers, and because we have moved thousands of households in Atlanta and Alpharetta, we’re sure you will hear good things about Mark the Mover.