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At our web-site, Mark the Mover provides a web-page of moving tips for Atlanta Movers that is free to download and that you can print out to help you in moving.

At Mark the Mover, three quarters of our work is done at an hourly rate according to guidelines developed by the moving industry in Georgia and the Georgia Public Service Commission.  But we often lose a job to a customer who falls for a trick used by moving brokers and competitors offering a lowball price.  If you read the contract carefully you will probably find how they intend to make up the difference on the end of the move.

One of the main techniques used in a flat rate move is to have the customer waive an on-site estimate. This has no consequence in an hourly move, as long as you hire movers like Mark the Mover, where we hustle from start to finish. But a binding estimate or flat rate mover uses this to under-estimate the weight and volume of the relocation. After loading some items, the mover then tells the customer that the move will cost more, it will be heavier, the length of the carry is longer than the contract etc. They already have your possessions hostage, and you have two or three muscular movers against you, so you cave in. In fact, while less than honest, this is somewhat legal. The guy you talked to on the phone didn’t try to hard to come up with a good estimate and an honest price, and now there is more than what was on the contract. Some movers will even weigh the truck empty of fuel and then gas up before the final weigh in. These are all tricks that stick to the letter of the contract that you sign, but may not please you much. For more information on movers and the tricks they play we like to recommend a website called

Things to look for in fixed rate binding or unbinding estimates. Estimation of volume – People usually book movers before they have packed. It is normal to underestimate the volume.

Extra packing and materials – watch out, bend over! – Unpacked items not only risk loss or breakage, but do not stack neatly – increasing volume.

disassembly of furniture, pieces that must go out windows or don’t fit down stairs. Hourly, we just get it done. The fixed rate mover sees dollar signs. Read the fine print.

Not ready for the van on the day. – waiting time

Moving Tips:

  • Valuation – this is what the moving company calls supplemental insurance. The ‘fully insured’ reimbursement rate is too low or the majority of households.
  • Check with your insurance agent, you may be able to add a rider to your household policy, but often the moving companies valuation is cheapers.
  • Don’t move things you don’t need – throw away.
  • Van liner moving – you will have to move according to their schedule, and may wait two weeks or more for delivery. If you got a bargain, it could be a long long time