Atlanta Beltline

Eastside Trail

Across Monroe from Piedmont Park and Grady High School is beginning of the Beltline. We have looked at it for decades, but now they have cut it down to street level and added some landscaping.

It always looked like it had potential, it looked like you could walk to VH, maybe even to Emory, but in fact it takes you south into Highland Avenue, which is also pretty cool.

You might be able to rent bikes not far from a Marta station, this fun section of path intersects around midway from the Inman Park and the King Station.

You might be wondering where it goes after nearing the Marta line, but the real thinking should be focused on the other end. How can we join the Georgia Tech Campus and the Emory Campus with the Beltline? That is the question.

Imagine if visitors could use Marta from hotels downtown or near the airport to rent bikes and explore not just from Highland Avenue to Piedmont park, but all the way to these two world class campi.

Westside Trail

Westside Trail or West End Trail starts nowhere and ends nowhere. It needs to be tied to Morehouse and Spelman. Right now it connects Kroger and a Metro-PCS store.

Northside Spur Trail

Hidden west of Piedmont Hospital, this tiny section of trail fails to connect anywhere with anything, It does not even try to connect the Hospital with green space. Another work in progress.

The future of the Beltline

The dream to build a ring around the city of bike and walking paths is a long way off. But pathways where hikers and bikers go over and under traffic are safer, and there are some beautiful sections.