Solar Power Costs


4 Home Depot panels for 1200 watts total $1,369.00

60 Amp Solar Charge Controller $450.00

1800 Watt Inverter $433.00

50 Car batteries. ???

So there you have it, around $2,250 not including batteries. If you can find a spot with no shade, facing the sun and south of the Mason Dixon Line, you could charge 50 batteries in a month.

A refrigerator is going to average 100 watts an hour, a chest freezer the same. If you avoid opening the door it can be even less. A laptop computer would use 25 watts, some led bulbs the same. 50 car batteries will keep your chest freezer cold for at least a week. If you get a little sun to recharge the batteries it could go a month. If the freezer is well insulated and weather is cool, even longer.

A weak link in a north 40 solar setup is the inverter. You might even want to keep a spare around, they fail a lot. Instead of buying one big inverter buy several small inverters. One note is that refrigerators and freezers use two to three times the average power to start the compressor. If you have a refrigerator or freezer in your cabin plan on at least 1200 watts for that circuit to cover startup.

Moving Companies Decatur Ga

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Other famous Decaturs include Decatur Alabama and Decatur Illinois where two major employers are Caterpillar and Archer Daniels Midland. Decatur Georgia is by comparison a small business town, with the largest employers being government jobs. However the number of small commercial enterprises is very large in Decatur with a major industrial area stretching towards Panola Road.

Solar charging 18650

Stop trying to charge standard 18650 batteries with solar. This is just a bad combination.

It can be done, but when you combine multiple cells it gets complicated by charge balancing and the risks are too great.

Dual cell charge packs have become pretty common, the problem probably arises more when you do a lot of charge and discharge cycles in larger arrays.

The fact is that most large arrays are not the standard Lithium Polymer but a more robust and versatile Lithium Iron battery.

There are, however, a prepackaged solution that is cheaper and fun to play with. Look for the small, prepackaged solutions.


Walmart for $12.99 has the iMeshbean 50000mAh Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Panel Charger(Black)

Ebay for $15.00 has the TG Waterproof 900000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB Battery Power Bank F Phone

Amazon for $18.00 has the Solar Charger 20000mAh Power Bank, Portable Charger Solar Phone Charger with 2 USB Port 2 LED Light External Battery Pack for Emergency Travelling Camping, iPhone Android Cellphone Charging (Orange)

Search these guys for Solar Power USB Charger and save yourself time and money.

For larger storage projects stick to the battery technologies that are tried and true for use with the charging controllers that are sold with the solar panels.

Atlanta Movers Checklist

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When packing the last items, packing by room is recommended. Leave the room completely packed and labelled. Room wise packing helps keep you organized. Make it sure to pack kitchen and kid’s room in last. Do not forget to label the boxes after packing items in the carton.

Miami Circle

Just 38 feet in circumference and made up of 24 holes or basins cut into the limestone bedrock in downtown Miami Florida is possible evidence of a henge dated 1500 to 2000 years old. Thought to be artifacts of the Tequesta Indians, or Keys Indians, the henge was uncovered in 1998. On the south side of the Miami River, on the eastern shore of the mainland between South Beach and the bridge to Key Biscayne, the site occupies prime real estate.

Archaeologists from Miami-Dade County’s Historic Preservation Division decided that the holes were used for support posts of a large round structure. They surmised the Tequesta Indians (who disappeared before the Seminoles migrated to Florida) were responsible. Developers posited that the circle was an old septic tank and that the holes were overflow drain holes. Ancient Alien theorists said the circles were a launching pad for a worldwide ancient race of stellar visitors.

Finally, the Miami Circle was designated the Brickell Point archaeological site. It sits on land once owned by William Brickell, a pioneer who ran an early trading post. The site has been studied finding two hundred other postholes cut in the limestone in addition to the ones forming the Miami Circle.

Aztec pyramids of Japan

Mars Mission 2020

Nasa will launch a mission to Mars in 2020. This may sound shocking until you learn that this will be another unmanned mission sending a robotic rover to explore the surface and perform experiments.

Manned Mission

The next manned mission to another terrestrial object will probably be a 2024 mission to the moon. We should be good at this, and it is good practice for manned exploration of other terrestrial destinations.

How soon?

The soonest time we might imagine a manned mission to Mars, even just for orbit, would be 2033 returning in 2035. The departure and return times would normally be about 26 months apart. Based on the orbit of the Earth and Mars, 26 months pass between minimums when travel time and energy required would be ideal. Travelling at the wrong time could increase the time and energy required by double. Ideal travel windows for the shortest possible mission (26 months) occur twice a century.

Consider that picking the ideal time would allow the mission to leave Earth and travel to Mars and return in just over 26 months. Picking the worst time for the mission could require in excess of five to ten years to complete.


A variable of great import in a trip to Mars is the type and quantity of fuel to use. To achieve the fastest travel time, you would want to accelerate until half way to Mars, and then decelerate until you land. You would need of course, to have plenty of fuel left to get home.