Isle Royale Copper Facts

Upper Peninsula Michigan copper deposits have been exploited by humans for 7,000 years. But if you have visited the area in the last decade, or watched a cable special on UP copper, you might come away with the feeling that some great controversy or mysterious and exciting story awaits to be proven.

Susan Martin of Technological University has helped us put things in perspective. Let’s summarize what we learn from the conspiracy theorists.

  1. Archaeologists and historians have no clue as to who mined most of this copper.
  2. The copper was primarily removed in a short time period.
  3. There is evidence of Vikings (Phoenicians, Visigoths, Chinese, Masons, etc.)
  4. The Vikings interbred with the Indians.
  5. Indians weren’t smart enough to value copper.
  6. Ancient Aliens provided copper prospecting assistance.
  7. A pygmy race of slaves was required to lift the ore.
  8. Masonic archaeologists scavenged and hid evidence of the Vikings years ago.
  9. Ten thousand pygmy Masonic slaves spent ten centuries in ten thousand mines removing 15 billion lbs of copper. (over 7 million tons)

OK, so what is the truth? The truth is that hundreds of copper mines have been discovered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and on Isle Royale. There is real, scientific preservation required, as we should not rush to believe we know entirely why. But there is no genetic residue in the indigenous Americans of the Upper Peninsula that suggests that Europeans, Chinese, Phoenicians or Aliens from another galaxy occupied the lands and mingled with the locals.

The most important point is this lack of genetic evidence should not be used as justification to desecrate existing archaeological sites that should be investigated slowly and scientifically.

Scientists have carbon dated some of the mining activity to 7,000 years ago. Again, this activity cannot be traced to Masonic Visigoth Aliens from Pluto, it is most likely the activity of indigenous Americans from the Upper Peninsula area that learned of a malleable metal that could be found in veins of loose rock in the forests of Michigan and parts of the Ontario Province. Glacial action that diminished 10,000 years ago left moraines and for some reason, higher concentrations of copper were left in this reason. There is no evidence that the copper was put there by King Tut.

Archaeologically sound discoveries of many forms of stone tools have been found in the area, and the pits themselves. Unlike the cut and fabricated wood samples that are sometimes found in mines, stone tools cannot be carbon dated. Even the wood and carbon based remnants must be carbon dated carefully and with rigorous methods to achieve useful results. The wild eyed will pick a situation or type of stone hammer to claim that only Chinese Viking Zoroastrian pygmies possessed this type of implement, but there is not a scientific basis to such claims.

The copper itself in the upper Michigan region has been said to be the only copper in the world that has the same chemical makeup as is found in Spock’s lander. But smelted copper can be purified and then alloyed for many different purposes. For example, 7,000 years ago, the UP miners probably searched for ribbons of copper, not large globs, as they had not yet developed the means of turning a round ton of copper into knives and jewelry.

As late as the nineteenth century, boulders still existed in the region that were of extremely pure copper. The indigenous people had never melted them down. But sadly, most are gone now, lost to history. However, with careful survey many interesting copper boulders are likely still in the region.

One public repository of great native copper is the Michigan Techological University. In 2002 they acquired a 17 ton boulder from Keweenaw’s Great Sands Bay.

Boeing 737 Max

As of July 30, 2019 the Boeing 737 Max is still pretty much out of service. The replacement for the Boeing 737 was grounded in March of 2019 by regulators world wide after it’s second major mishap.

The original Boeing 737 began life in 1967, a medium sized and rugged passenger jet airplane suited for short and medium length flights, and powerful enough for takeoff on shorter runways.

Southwest Airlines was built on the original Boeing 737, and has delayed retirement of the old birds to deal with problems with the new 737 Max. Since its inception, Southwest Airlines has flown more than 700 of the older 737 in their fleet.

When Boeing made the decision to build a replacement for the 737, they faced some design challenges because the 737 had a lot of power for a smaller large jet. Boeing chose to keep the original flight controls in an updated jet by designing a fly-by-wire system that mimicked the older 737 operations to fly the newer 737 Max aircraft.

Boeing assured flight engineers, pilots, regulators and pilot training authorities that pilots familiar with the operating characteristics of the older 737 would be comfortable and competent with the new 737 Max controls. Most authorities agreed, and minimal pilot retraining was demanded for pilots with certification in the old 737 to transition to the 737 Max.

Fly-by-wire advocates are certain that the flaws that might or might not have contributed to the mishaps will be resolved, and the 737 Max will return to service. While some authorities have questioned the capabilities and characteristics of the fly-by-wire computer programs, other sources in the news have indicated that the mishaps may have been caused by bird strikes and poor maintenance, not purely software related.

Asteroid 2019 OK

On July 24, 2019 an asteroid measuring between 60 and 140 meters in diameter whizzed by planet earth. It was the largest bolide to come between the Earth and the Moon this year. To compare, the Chelyabinsk meteor was estimated to be around 20 meters in size, where 1,491 injuries were reported according to Wikipedia.

Surprise asteroid whizzed by Earth today, and we didn’t even blink via @CNET

An asteroid just buzzed past Earth, and we barely noticed in time via @ConversationEDU

Asteroid 2019 OK to flyby Earth at 0.19 LD on July 25 – the largest of the year

Atlanta Movers

At our web-site, Mark the Mover provides a web-page of moving tips for Atlanta Movers that is free to download and that you can print out to help you in moving.

At Mark the Mover, three quarters of our work is done at an hourly rate according to guidelines developed by the moving industry in Georgia and the Georgia Public Service Commission.  But we often lose a job to a customer who falls for a trick used by moving brokers and competitors offering a lowball price.  If you read the contract carefully you will probably find how they intend to make up the difference on the end of the move.

One of the main techniques used in a flat rate move is to have the customer waive an on-site estimate. This has no consequence in an hourly move, as long as you hire movers like Mark the Mover, where we hustle from start to finish. But a binding estimate or flat rate mover uses this to under-estimate the weight and volume of the relocation. After loading some items, the mover then tells the customer that the move will cost more, it will be heavier, the length of the carry is longer than the contract etc. They already have your possessions hostage, and you have two or three muscular movers against you, so you cave in. In fact, while less than honest, this is somewhat legal. The guy you talked to on the phone didn’t try to hard to come up with a good estimate and an honest price, and now there is more than what was on the contract. Some movers will even weigh the truck empty of fuel and then gas up before the final weigh in. These are all tricks that stick to the letter of the contract that you sign, but may not please you much. For more information on movers and the tricks they play we like to recommend a website called

Things to look for in fixed rate binding or unbinding estimates. Estimation of volume – People usually book movers before they have packed. It is normal to underestimate the volume.

Extra packing and materials – watch out, bend over! – Unpacked items not only risk loss or breakage, but do not stack neatly – increasing volume.

disassembly of furniture, pieces that must go out windows or don’t fit down stairs. Hourly, we just get it done. The fixed rate mover sees dollar signs. Read the fine print.

Not ready for the van on the day. – waiting time

Moving Tips:

  • Valuation – this is what the moving company calls supplemental insurance. The ‘fully insured’ reimbursement rate is too low or the majority of households.
  • Check with your insurance agent, you may be able to add a rider to your household policy, but often the moving companies valuation is cheapers.
  • Don’t move things you don’t need – throw away.
  • Van liner moving – you will have to move according to their schedule, and may wait two weeks or more for delivery. If you got a bargain, it could be a long long time

NAHB July Confidence

The National Association of Home Builders reported a confidence number of 65 for July, compared to 64 in June. The HMI or Housing Market Index reflects a positive sentiment for home builders. A number above 50 shows more builders view sales conditions as good than poor.

Builder Confidence Holds Firm in July

The Cass Freight Index continues to stay above 2017 levels, but is below 2018 levels.

Cass Freight Index

Starsky puts driverless trucks on Florida’s turnpike. According to the Sun-Sentinel human intervention was still part of the process, using 4G.

Florida Turnpike Shipping

Tesla lowers price of Model 3.

Tesla price adjustments