Gordon C. – 2016-Jan-30, gPlus

We could not be happier with our move. Rodney, Henry and Dieon were prompt, professional and courteous. They worked non-stop from the moment they hit the door until they brought in the last item at the new house. They treated our belongings with incredibly great care. In fact, I commented on this to each of them at various points during the move and the response was always the same.

“That’s how we do things at Mark the Mover” or, “We treat your things like they were ours.”

Toward the end of the move Henry asked if a box that I had set off to the side was to go on the truck. It contained a vase that my dad had purchased for my mother years ago. Both of my parents are recently deceased, and that vase is a cherished possession. I had packed it with great care, and intended to take it in the car with me. My knee had been bothering me, which they reminded me of every time that I tried to move something out of their way,

“Hey, take care of that knee!”

Having seen how they handled everything else in the house I said, “Sure.”

When we arrived at the new house I started to get a little anxious and asked Henry to keep an eye out for that particular box. Minutes later, he walked over, handed me the box and said,

“Here you go!”

Handing me the box marked,

“Dad Vase…handle with care.”

These gentlemen did handle it with great care, along with every other item in my house.

They deserve ten stars!