Sugarloaf and Moving Day

Whatever happened to the Bellsouth Classic?

Sugarloaf is a golf course and community in Duluth Georgia.  Once the home of the Bellsouth Classic and the At&t Classic it was used for several years as a warm-up for the Masters in Augusta Georgia.  In 1967 first called the Atlanta Classic and played at the Atlanta Country club, the Classic was suspended after 2008.  Phil Mickelson won the classic twice in a row in 2005 and 2006 when he beat the field by 13 strokes and shot six under in his final round.  Fans might remember his five wood shot to the green on 18 in two, and his comical imitation of Camilo Villegas and his ground hugging green reading antics.

Moving Day for the PGA Tour is generally Saturday of a tournament.  Players have made the cut, but any chance of winning will require a golfer back in the pack to move to within four strokes or less of the lead to position themselves for a tour victory.  Moving day for Sugarload residents is also most often a Saturday.  In the moving business, moving companies are always busiest on Saturdays and at the end of the month.  Storage is generally billed through the end of the month also.

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