Map Spam, yahoo local spam

lower tier and quality often un-licensed providers…

Since a ton of phony companies exist in local listings, with only a phone number, where the address is probably made up, we find this article about the same thing happening in the floral industry – fake local listings– this is tough on small business owners who rent a store and run a reputable flower shop only to be constantly low-balled by these fly by night order gathering agencies, who can deliver poor quality and the consumer will find they are some out of town outfit just looking to make a buck. Support your local flower shop and make sure you deal with a real person and a real store, that the proper sales taxes are collected supporting your schools fire and police, and that the money does not go off to some out of state or even off shore lead selling service where you have no say if you get less than you paid for.

Google, in their forum provides information on reporting Map spam and seems to do a better job of policing fake addresses and these lower tier and quality often un-licensed providers.