Mark the Mover is one of many Atlanta moving companies and area moving companies serving Marietta Georgia. Marietta is on the edge of the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to the west and south and east is Dobbins Air Force Base and Air Force Plant 6. Unlike Area 51, this is a well known place. Marietta is famous for their southern style and Georgia fashioned downtown square, called Marietta Square.

Moving Company Marietta Ga

Marietta has many established households due to a number of long term employers serving the Cobb County and Marietta area. Mark the Mover enjoys serving and relocating Marietta households and the established Marietta homeowners north and west of Atlanta. Mark the Mover also serves employees of Lockheed Martin, Publix supermarkets, Wal-Mart and Wellstart Health Systems with their relocation needs. Mark the Mover is a full service moving and storage company, and will not overbook our moving crews which means that Marietta movers must call early to insure their moving crew is reserved.

While moving companies without the reputation built by Mark the Mover in 33 years of moving compete with other more desperate moving companies, they often cut corners to pay for expensive advertising or because they are getting the moving leads through brokers or lead aggregators that add costs to the move. In turn these moving companies cannot put the entire reward for household moving back into the moving crews and modern moving equipment.

This is not the problem with Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover moving company, our customers have helped us to gain more that half of our new moving business from repeat movers or referrals. If you need a moving company that is dedicated to providing quality moving services with a 33 year reputation for honorable moving services, call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018