Marietta Movers

Atlanta moving company Mark the Mover has 33 years with Marietta movers moving households around Atlanta Georgia and Marietta Ga. Marietta is home to a great square like the Covington Georgia square used in filming the TV series in the Heat of the Night which starred Carroll O’connor. Marietta Ga abuts Dobbins Air Force Base and is a suburb north and a little west of Atlanta Ga on US Interstate 75 about ten miles out of Atlanta, 20 miles out of downtown.

Marietta Georgia also is near the Vinings district of Atlanta and is neighbors with Smyrna Ga. In the south their are a lot of towns named Smyrna. Marietta is also near Kennesaw Georgia. The three largest suburbs of Atlanta across the northern bit outside the perimeter are Lawrenceville Georgia, Sandy Springs and Marietta.

Smyrna, the original one that is, is a old Greek city, the modern site of Smyrna is actually in Turkey. South and west of Constantinople or Istanbul, there often is talked about two cities, the old Smyrna and the New Smyrna. First was the Ionian infuluence and later the Greek infulues starting a little more than 11 centuries BC and including the reign of Alexander the Great. New Smyrna leaked past the Greek influence in the very earlisest Roman domination period, some three centuries BC when the city was truly achieving a large size, perhaps a population of 50,000 or more. This is about the Alexander period, as the Romans really got their Mojo in the first century BC.

Marietta is also a town in Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma (with two different spellings!) and at least a dozen other states. Marietta Ga movers needing a reliable moving company should call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018