Why gmail issues phishing warnings

No, it’s not a good idea to think of these as anything as a bad investment.

No, it’s not a good idea to think of these as anything as a bad investment. Upstanding companies use their domain for e-mail addresses, but what I really want to discuss here is that gmail issues a warning on many SEO solicitations that ‘this message may not have been sent by’ … because the e-mail spammers may not be sending e-mails through gmail. Google’s gmail product offers a rich and capable e-mail transmission platform, but if a spammer attempts to pound out large numbers of spam e-mails with the google servers, google cuts our their account. So the spammers, using a gmail address, actually send large volumes of e-mail through their own inexpensive servers. When google detects e-mails that have a different sending address than their e-mail server domain, they issue the warning.
Generally, unless you signed up for a mailing list, anything you receive to your e-mail account is much like being stopped on the street for spare change, except that they ultimately will be asking for more than just some spare change, they will ask for $ 250 to 1000, at which point they have your credit card number and may be able to make more charges.
Much like the days of having unlisted phone numbers, most e-mails are going to be spammed. Spam filters block large numbers of e-mails of this sort. But, I suspect, in this scheme, the guy whose name appears below was sold a get rich quick scheme by an off shore e-mail spammer. The more e-mails they can send out, and in this case, web forms they complete, they are promised, the more more commission they earn. But, in my opinion, this wouldn’t be a good way to hire a lawyer, accountant or engineer.

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