Commercial Network Support

We are open source advocates, and move freely between Apple and Microsoft desktops

  1. At MSInc, we have worked with the LAMP architecture and it’s ancestors for 30 years. Unix and Linux are second nature. We are open source advocates, and move freely between Apple and Microsoft desktops, as well as netbooks, iphones and the new android devices.
  2. Our clients use theirĀ websites to attract prospects, and our websites work.
  3. Our expertise is far superior to anything you find in moonlighters or your IT guy.
  4. We steer clear of flashy hype and concentrate on informative and search engine turbo-charged results.
  5. We work with design teams on new sites, but more often take over failed and under performing projects. Our portfolio of huge successes based on fixing the weak results of prior attempts is impressive.
  6. We host websites, and work with existing hosting packages.

Hard Drives with bank account numbers found on Ebay

When you have your computer serviced, can you trust your geek? Read this article. A security firm in the UK bought 300 hard drives, and found sensitive information from private citizens, and many government organizations. Now don’t get me wrong, companies often do a good job doing DOD wipes and EMF Bulk wipes of magnetic material. Additionally, firms like Iron Mountain and and other local shredders are used extensively by banks, medical offices, and businesses that dispose of sensitive paper records. Additionally these guys, and most pros can offer excellent guidance on the disposal of not just paper, but electronic records, as well as electronic archiving with imaging and encrypted backup through electronic transmission. But we go further to make sure that hard drives and backup media, as well as archival practices conform with safe and secure methods, before personal and business information places your company, its employees, or its customers at risk. If you have questions, contact the Atlanta database experts.