Hiring a moving company is a step that comes for most folks at some point in their life. Young, with little furniture, there was a time when we could move from apartment to aparment with a little effort, a few friends and a couple of pickup trucks. But as our inventory of personal household furnishings and possessions grow, from the new couch and entertainment center to the sideboard buffet we inherited from grandmother, it just becomes too much to try to make trip after trip in a pickup truck.

Whether moving local or long distance, another option we look at is renting a truck. We learn in this process the extra charges incurred when we need more than one day, or need to rent funiture pads, hand trucks and furniture dollies to help with the move. When moving a refrigerator or even a washing machine, a moving handtruck for going up and down stairs is a great help but costs extra to rent.

That’s why when we make the decision to just let a moving company do everything, it can take a lot of stress out of moving day. Mark the Mover uses big white moving trucks, clean and well stocked with furniture pads and moving equipment at no extra charge. Our phone estimate covers all the truck and crew costs including fuel and travel. But it’s still good to know that we are hiring a reputable moving company.

Mark the Mover has a big advantage over lesser known moving companies. With more than three decades of moving experience, not only do we have hundreds of repeat customers every year, we have hundreds of online reviews at internet sites like and Yelp. If you ask your friends and neighbors about experiences with moving companies, you will probably hear about a stress free moving day with Mark the Mover, since over more than three decades, thousands of families have moved with Mark the Mover.

Call Mark the Mover, and we will try to lay out a reliable estimate for the cost of a move. Our professional moving crews can be reserved for a certain day, and we never over book, you can be certain to avoid the hassles you read about with other moving companies that were late, or cancelled without notice. Other companies still will low-ball the estimate to reel you in. But even though we turn off some would be first time customers with our honest approach, once people try Mark the Mover and find out just how much we know about providing moving services, we get many good reviews for our effort.