Local business search engine visibility in Atlanta

Not every small business is looking to be found on the internet. We found the phone number of a small shop where they even have trouble answering the telephone. Can you imagine being so busy with customers that you don’t worry too much about the phone.

Most retail locations we see are eager to answer the phone in the hope that they have what someone is looking for. When a customer comes in to buy a used guitar, they often need strings, a tuning meter and music books with their purchase. Yet we see small businesses that don’t take advantage of the internet to list their phone number and retail location to help prospects to make inquiries.

We admit, the process of setting up listings, even when they are free or have a very small cost, takes the business manager out of their element. That is why a professional that has set up these type of listings many times can expedite the process. Free listings at Kudzu for a business can yield many customer and prospect phone calls, and the return on investment is more an investment in time than a money outlay.

Use the free Atlanta local listing guide at Web-Atlanta as a starting point for setting up free listings, these listings will help your phone number to be found by the person seeking a plumber, a guitar or new spark plugs for their car.