Webster Technique and the most Natural Childbirth

Conyers Family Chiropractic DC Kenneth Boscher is certified in the use of the Webster Technique and is sought out by mothers seeking Atlanta Chiropractors wel versed, recognized and certified in the application of the Webster Technique of turning babies to the proper postion for natural childbirth.

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique that helps expectant mothers get their baby out of the breech postion into the best position for natural childbirth. Doctors wishing only to minimize their exposure to the predatory lawsuits of greedy lawyers and wishing to avoid any chance of malpractice, perhaps rightly so, seek to use the surgical c-section instead of natural vaginal delivery when babies are not in the optimum pre-delivery postion.

With today’s ultrasound, mothers and doctors get the best information ever on the position of the unborn baby in the uterine sac. In early development the fetus may assume many different postions, but as the pre-birth infant grows in size and nears delivery, ideally it assumes a head down position in preperation for the trip into the world through the mother’s birth canal. Breech babies are kids that fail to get in the best position, and many score of successful deliveries through c-section of breech babies are the rule. But many mothers seeking to deliver naturally and without the aid of epidural procudures, an anasthesia that is applied at the spinal cord commonly prescribed in childbirth.

Mother’s in labor wanting to deliver vaginally need to seek the proper pre-delivery baby position to not only avoid surgery or insertion of epidural catheters near the spinal column but also to avoid forcep delivery and other delivery complications. These sort of complications lead baby doctors to rely heavily on ultrasound to ascertain the postion of the baby leading up to labor day. This is where mothers fortunate to know of Chirpopractic care sometimes learn of the Webster Techniquie for turning babies. The Webster Chiropractic Technique is a natural and non-invasive method of preparing the baby for natural delivery in the head down postion through the birth canal.