Moving Company

Homeowners looking for household relocation services are calling on Mark the Mover, Atlanta Moving Company, for their moving and packing services. Mark the Mover offers moving, packing and storage services and is based in Atlanta Georgia north of Georgia Tech and south of the Vinings Area. With almost 35 years of moving experience, Mark the Mover gets more repeat business than new business, but movers that call early and schedule their move ahead of time can get moving and relocation services using Georgia’s third largest Atlanta moving business. Currently running around a dozen trucks and moving crews daily, Mark the Mover is busiest on weekends and around the end of the month.

Movers needing moving services should know that the summer is the busiest time of the year for moving companies. With kids out of school and less chance of inclimate weather, many people consider moving during the summer months. Corporations that care that their employees get the proper regards with respect to raising a family tend to schedule relocations during the summer months. Kids coming back from college and going off to college at the beginning and the end of summer add to the likelyhood that summer relocations take place. In fact, the moving industry has a lull in moving activity that begins in mid January and usually carries through to around April 15th. Even with late November and December holidays, Mark the Mover stays relatively busy each years well through the end of the year.

The chore of household moving is often something we take on our selves, when younger with stronger backs. Many of us moved our selves many times in our college years and shortly afterwards. But if you are new to using Mark the Mover for your Atlanta local and long distance moving services, you are in for a treat. Our customers are always impressed by the continuous effort of our moving professionals in loading and unloading the moving trucks. When our movers first arrive, some of our customers are surprised that little seems to get accomplished at first. There are so many horror stories in the moving industry that most anyone can fear that the movers are going to drag their feet, and time is money after all. But that is just the normal trend of a move. Our movers are actually very busy preparing furniture for moving, covering furniture with moving blankets and planning in their heads how they will pack the truck to make sure that the load does not shift during transport.

Mark the Mover has expert moving consultants that will be glad to schedule your move from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM six days a week, call 404-351-0018 or search Google for moving companies Atlanta.