Moving Companies near Duluth Ga

With the start of the Coca-Cola Classic at East Lake, officially known as the Tour Championship by Coca-Cola, we remember the days of the Bellsouth Classic at Sugarloaf. Located in Duluth Georgia, Sugarloaf is a wonderful golf course that will hold many more great outings for amateurs and professionals alike. Thursday, Sept. 19 is the opening day of the East Lake outing making Friday Sept. 20 moving day.

The Bellsouth Classic, and later the AT&T Classic was won in 2005 and 2006 by Phil Mickelson. This followed his 2000 win there, making Duluth a favorite spot for Phil. Before being cancelled after the 2008 season, the Duluth Sugarloaf golf tournament was a favorite warm up of many golfers headed to the Masters Tournament in Augusta Georgia.

Another favorite in Duluth Georgia on moving day is Mark the Mover. With over three decades of moving experience, we have moved many Duluth Ga households over the years. Mark the Mover is located in Atlanta down I85 from Duluth, we began many years ago in Virginia Highland but moved toward west midtown north of Georgia Tech off the Howell Mill Road exit on I75. Rent is a little cheaper in this area than east of the connector, and at Mark the Mover, we like to put everything we can into our crews and trucks, and not much into fancy offices and expensive advertising.

We believe the best advertising is a good move. After 35 years of moving households, this has worked well for Mark the Mover, as a large amount of our business comes from repeat customers. We appreciate customers that might not have heard of Mark the Mover when they ask their friends and neighbors about moving companies. Our name comes up so often, that another large percentage of people that use us say that they were referred by someone. After more than three decades of moving, thousands of people have moved with Mark the Mover in Atlanta, Duluth, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta and all around the area.

We are very committed to being a smart choice in moving companies, and hope you get a chance to try us for household moving services. Not everyone can afford a professional moving company, especially when we don’t have that much furniture and our families are small. But when we get a little further in life, value our time and can afford to hire the best, the smart choice in moving companies near Duluth Ga is Mark the Mover.