Movers in Atlanta

For some, when looking for moving companies in Atlanta, the lowest price is their only concern. But for some a low price is not enough. An experience with a moving company that was late or careless with their possessions leads many moving consumers to search for a reliable and trusted company, and for many Mark the Mover customers they learn of Mark the Mover by asking around. More than half of our customers come from repeat customers or referrals of our customers. For Mark the Mover, that makes the best form of advertising just doing a good job.

Other people learn about Mark the Mover from or Yelp, two review site very popular with consumers in Atlanta. We especially like, an arm of the Cox Media Group, as they employ lots of people in Atlanta. We are a locally owned and operated Atlanta small business and like to do business with people from Atlanta. Folks from Sandy Springs, Roswell Georgia and Alpharetta learn about moving companies and their reviews by going online and using the resources that are available.

Some companies try to manufacture reviews. They hire off shore companies to leave reviews, and some of these schemes have been discovered. Folks are learning to see that if a company has reviews that sound like a bunch of bunk, that’s what they are. Look at a companies feedback and try to judge if these are real people, or are they just a bunch of made up self promotion reviews. Some people look for users that only have one review, and these are sometimes a sign that the account was created to just to leave a moving company review. But sometimes you will see an account name that has hundreds of reviews, and they are still a fake account.

From HuffPo;

One company that posted bogus praise online for its clients told its writers to make their reviews seem authentic by using fewer superlatives, throwing in slang and improving their grammar, according to New York’s top prosecutor.

“Make them sound like personal cases, this is important,” the company, Webtools, told its freelance writers, according to court documents. “Do not make them sound like an advertisement. Do not make them sound the same.”

The article goes on to describe how New York State has cracked down on fake reviews, and how big companies like Yelp have begun to screen more carefully the accounts that may have been created just to leave phony reviews. But not all reviews are created equally. Other places for reviews are saturated with fake reviews and phony accounts.

Google is making an interesting push toward more honest online reviews. Many google accounts are now identified as a real first and last name. However, the problem with this approach is that when peoples names are put on the internet, they may be reluctant to complain as loudly about a company that has their credit card information, and may still be needed to follow up on some relocation issues.

At Mark the Mover, we’re all for a combination of approached. Ask friends and neighbors and use online resources as well. With thousands of moves over the more than three decades of moving services in Atlanta, Mark the Mover has probably moved someone you know. And since we put our effort into moving and not giant billboards or noisy commercials, chances are that you will hear good things about us. But you can also check out Mark the Mover online. With hundreds of reviews, you will learn that we aren’t perfect, but we are pretty darn good.