Atlanta VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP phone systems are all the rage, but some users complain about the fidelity of the call, they say that the phone calls sound like a bad cellular signal or as if the caller is underwater. This is because some VOIP or Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) use the public WAN (Wide Area Network) to transmit digital packets. Another implementation, and often preferable is to mange QOS (Quality of Service) by using the VOIP technology on a high bandwidth internal network and interfacing with the outside world over POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). Even before the advent of VOIP, KSU and PBX equipment began appearing with digital trunk cards that allowed the hybrid use of digital interfaces with T1 technology and a companies internal phone systems.

Don’t be fooled by looking only at the bandwidth of an internet connection. Even though providers like the cable companies and cellular wireless offer high rates of transfer, the steady stream of packet transfer responsible for clear and professional voice communication is better managed with T1 routers even though some of the burst rates do not reach the speeds of even 4g wireless for example. This is one of those cases where the statistics alone can be misleading.

VOIP technology managed in a professional manner is offered by Huntsvilla Technologies from Athens Georgia. Serving areas east of Atlanta like Decatur, Lawrenceville and even Covington Ga with phone systems, Huntsvilla Technologies recommends the Vertical Wave® wed with T1 type phone company interfaces from CBeyond® for truly professional phone systems. Your voice, clear and concise, portrays the professionalism of your company, for VOIP phone systems Atlanta contact Huntsvilla Technologies.