Atlanta Movers

Convenient and coordinated, Mark the Mover tries to deliver a consistent high level of relocation services for moving households in the Lake Lanier area including Oakwood Ga, Flowery Branch and Buford Ga. We also frequently are called on by movers in Gainesville Ga to aid in household moving and packing. Mark the Mover has three decades of Atlanta moving experience, and we work hard to assemble moving crews made up of quality moving professionals.

Local moves in Georgia are regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Local movers should all be licensed in Georgia, and this insures that the moving companies carry the correct insurance and provides a state legal structure to deal with moving companies that might put consumers at risk by hiring un-insured day labor or contractors that may be a way to cut costs, but at the risk of cutting quality and putting homeowners in the position of not really knowing what business is liable for the completion of the relocation project or who is responsible should a problem arise.

We wish it was not so, but just like every industry, there are companies that cut corners and play games to book a moving engagement with consumers. One trick used in the moving imdustry is the lead buying game. If you have ever searched the internet for a moving company you doubtless see promises of up to 55 % off your move by making movers compete. This is a complete scam, because this percentage is based on a full tariff move. In todays market, ALL reputable moving companies are offering relocations at around 55% off the maximum legal pricing allowed by the interstate tarrifs required for moving companies to engage in long distance moving.

We recommend against using a lead web-site. The proimise of multiple bids from competing movers sounds compelling, but what is actually occuring is that you are giving your e-mail and cell phone numbers to a company that may then sell your data to third parties. There is a risk of not only the annoyance of tele-marketers but also a little foot in the door to identity theft. Instead, ask your friends and neighbors, co-workers and family and you will find that the most often used moving companies are, in order, Atlanta Peach Movers, Mark the Mover, Buckhead Movers and Bulldog Movers. These are the big local moving companies that serve Atlanta and the surrounding areas These companies are all licensed in Georgia. There are also the Two men and a Truck franchises, they are out of Ohio but they are pretty good and are licensed in Georgia.

So there are plenty of places to call and get competing quotes, if all you want is the lowest price. But if your household value is substantial or your time is valuable you may want to consider a moving company that does not compete with desperate and un-licensed moving companies. Mark the Mover will admit that many days they do not offer the lowest moving rate. Mark the Mover is usually heavily booked well in advance because of thier reputation. If you are looking for the safe decision in choosing coordinated and convenientĀ Atlanta movers, call (404) 351-0018