Moving Companies Atlanta

If you are moving to Atlanta from Knoxville, Nashville or Chattanooga you might want to consider Mark the Mover from Atlanta. We can come get you! We will load our truck or a Penske with packing materials and moving equipment like dollies, two wheelers, four wheelers and furniture blankets and come get you. Unlike the big national van-line moving services, we will load you and drive you back to Atlanta and unload you as fast as humanly possible, and this is a real plus for moves from Tennessee to Georgia.

We move your household and furniture more quickly than other companies that shuttle your load to the warehouse and then consolidate it with other households to save money on fuel. Once the moving van is filled to the brim, they will take the long distance trip. But for a trip from Nashville to Atlanta, waiting a week or more for the delivery of your household items just isn’t needed. At Mark the Mover we use 26 foot city delivery trucks which will completely move a large two bedroom apartment. For one move to Virginia right now we are using two moving trucks.

Using more trucks means that the truck is rolling immediately, no multiple handling of your furniture which increases the possibility of a mishap. So if you are relocating to the Atlanta area, consider looking for moving companies Atlanta and be sure to call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018

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Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Customer Relationship Management systems also known as CRM and ERP are valuable tools for companies wishing to use computing efficiencies to streamline operations. ERP systems focus on accounting, inventory and production systems and CRM is a tool to help customer service, sales and prospecting.

While proprietary software systems such as QuickBooks® exist that cover part of the ERP spectrum, and additional modules have been made available, more and more companies are looking at open-source software systems based on Linux servers. While companies quite regularly surrender to the Windows environment for the desktop needs of employees, the backroom server operations still allow IT departments to choose avoid single vendor dependence by using powerful Linux based servers and databases to form the backbone of their information processing operations.

While many larger companies have a need for active directory (AD) functionality, the core Windows flavor of the AD server environment forces savvy IT managers look for back room solutions that would not be susceptible to a windows kernel worm or virus attack. Additionally in the Unix community, the carrier-grade projects have produced up-time records that will never be met by propretary server operating systems. The memory leaks of certain proprietary systems lead to gradual degradation per unit of up-time and still persist in that environment.

Open Source software solutions for ERP and CRM are available that base the back room operations on the reliability, scalability and versatility of Linux servers while offering client computing on web browsers, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as Apple products. Packages such as Xtuple, Compiere and OpenBravo use a variety of powerful technologies that are growing in the quality and dependability of applications as quickly as Linux variants such as Ubuntu have grown for the desktop and laptop.

Smart and careful participants should keep watch for Open Source ERP and CRM for Atlanta companies.