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DIRECTORYM  When looking for a moving company in Atlanta, it is not hard to find companies that have a reputation better than most others. There are probably less than half a dozen companies with top ratings, and at least one of these is growing. We think this is because their reputation has led to a large percentage of repeat customers.

Many companies that pose as moving companies are actually boiler room operations that sell consumer information to the highest bidder. Other companies have to quote low hourly prices only to provide higher minimums or less professional crews. In the event of damage their follow through is less than stellar, or sometimes non-existent. Movers that use the flat rate trick, forcing you to estimate the weight of your load, may not be such a great idea. In this game, they most often tell you later that you went over the weight, and your flat rate move increases by 50% or more. Also be careful when promised to get multiple quotes from one source. These are boiler room operations that charge a high commission to sell your personal information to the most desperate moving companies. I am not saying that you will never get a fair deal, but the odds are greatly diminished.

So when hiring a moving company, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you are talking to an actual moving company, and not a commission based lead referral service. Also, companies that quote crazy low-ball prices probably can’t follow through on the job, and if troubles arise, it is doubtful whether they can resolve the issues. For sure, a low ball hourly rate will not provide you with the most efficient and professional movers.

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Local and long distance moving is an event that effects your household less and less often as we become more established. When younger, I could move all my worldly goods with two loads in an old van. But as our we spend more time in our households and have more years to put down roots, we gather prceless things that are sure to be a part of any new home to which we relocate.

That’s why the Country Picker moving company is such a fine choice of movers for local and long distance moving in New Hampshire. The Country Picker has spent three decades in moving and storage for New Hampshire including the packing and transportation of the antiques and collectibles of estate sales as well as the day to day relocation needs of New Hampshire and western Maine homes and households. The Country Picker has also recently assumed the territories of the northern-most reaches of New Hampshire and the territories covered by Morneau Movers in Berlin New Hampshire.

So, don’t worry about the moving experience, we are experts at padding and packing the fragile things and transporting your household goods safely. Call Phil or Cathy at the Country Picker Movers for the maximum Peace of Mind in your New Hampshire and western Maine household moving project.

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