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JD Power and associates did a consumer satisfaction survey on big moving companies and Mayflower came out best. What was really interesting about the Washington Post article was that they also mentioned a site called that we recommend a lot. A quote from the article;

“If you’re going to hire a big, full-service moving company, Mayflower Transit looks like your best bet.”

Before you rule Mark the Mover out for your move, we are too small a company to be included in their survey. We are, among Georgia based moving companies, in the top eight. So we try harder. But my real point is that this survey of moving companies concentrated most of their focus on long distance moving companies. There were a few local moving companies mentioned but the best they did was average. At Mark the Mover, we get a lot of repeat moving business because we do a great job for our moving customers.

Now don’t get me wrong, not every customer that has ever called Mark the Mover is happy, in fact some never use us, because they think they are getting a better deal somewhere else. But we try to charge a fair price and do an excellent job. And unlike the many low price movig scams on the internet, we refuse to joim the race to cut prices and service in a challenging economy. But I don’t want to talk about all the games played, you can find out more about that at

New Moving Company Reviews Startup from

Moving Company Reviews has started a new website at which we learned about at an American Moving and Storage Association trade show. The moving review site will get traffic from and will screen reviews with the Bill of Lading number, allowing consumers to be certain that the reviews are real, and from consumers that really used the moving company in question. MCR is still in the beta stage, yet in our latest conversations they said that they had worked closely with regulators in the state of Florida to insure moving companies complied with state and local regulations, an excellent first step for consumers to avoid companies that specialize in hostage loads and low-ball estimates to hook the moving customer, only to provide an expensive and poor quality service.

Moving Company

Homeowners looking for household relocation services are calling on Mark the Mover, Atlanta Moving Company, for their moving and packing services. Mark the Mover offers moving, packing and storage services and is based in Atlanta Georgia north of Georgia Tech and south of the Vinings Area. With almost 35 years of moving experience, Mark the Mover gets more repeat business than new business, but movers that call early and schedule their move ahead of time can get moving and relocation services using Georgia’s third largest Atlanta moving business. Currently running around a dozen trucks and moving crews daily, Mark the Mover is busiest on weekends and around the end of the month.

Movers needing moving services should know that the summer is the busiest time of the year for moving companies. With kids out of school and less chance of inclimate weather, many people consider moving during the summer months. Corporations that care that their employees get the proper regards with respect to raising a family tend to schedule relocations during the summer months. Kids coming back from college and going off to college at the beginning and the end of summer add to the likelyhood that summer relocations take place. In fact, the moving industry has a lull in moving activity that begins in mid January and usually carries through to around April 15th. Even with late November and December holidays, Mark the Mover stays relatively busy each years well through the end of the year.

The chore of household moving is often something we take on our selves, when younger with stronger backs. Many of us moved our selves many times in our college years and shortly afterwards. But if you are new to using Mark the Mover for your Atlanta local and long distance moving services, you are in for a treat. Our customers are always impressed by the continuous effort of our moving professionals in loading and unloading the moving trucks. When our movers first arrive, some of our customers are surprised that little seems to get accomplished at first. There are so many horror stories in the moving industry that most anyone can fear that the movers are going to drag their feet, and time is money after all. But that is just the normal trend of a move. Our movers are actually very busy preparing furniture for moving, covering furniture with moving blankets and planning in their heads how they will pack the truck to make sure that the load does not shift during transport.

Mark the Mover has expert moving consultants that will be glad to schedule your move from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM six days a week, call 404-351-0018 or search Google for moving companies Atlanta.

Webster Technique and the most Natural Childbirth

Conyers Family Chiropractic DC Kenneth Boscher is certified in the use of the Webster Technique and is sought out by mothers seeking Atlanta Chiropractors wel versed, recognized and certified in the application of the Webster Technique of turning babies to the proper postion for natural childbirth.

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique that helps expectant mothers get their baby out of the breech postion into the best position for natural childbirth. Doctors wishing only to minimize their exposure to the predatory lawsuits of greedy lawyers and wishing to avoid any chance of malpractice, perhaps rightly so, seek to use the surgical c-section instead of natural vaginal delivery when babies are not in the optimum pre-delivery postion.

With today’s ultrasound, mothers and doctors get the best information ever on the position of the unborn baby in the uterine sac. In early development the fetus may assume many different postions, but as the pre-birth infant grows in size and nears delivery, ideally it assumes a head down position in preperation for the trip into the world through the mother’s birth canal. Breech babies are kids that fail to get in the best position, and many score of successful deliveries through c-section of breech babies are the rule. But many mothers seeking to deliver naturally and without the aid of epidural procudures, an anasthesia that is applied at the spinal cord commonly prescribed in childbirth.

Mother’s in labor wanting to deliver vaginally need to seek the proper pre-delivery baby position to not only avoid surgery or insertion of epidural catheters near the spinal column but also to avoid forcep delivery and other delivery complications. These sort of complications lead baby doctors to rely heavily on ultrasound to ascertain the postion of the baby leading up to labor day. This is where mothers fortunate to know of Chirpopractic care sometimes learn of the Webster Techniquie for turning babies. The Webster Chiropractic Technique is a natural and non-invasive method of preparing the baby for natural delivery in the head down postion through the birth canal.

Happy Faithful New Hampshire Moving Companies

Morneau Moving in Berlin New Hampshire is no longer serving Berlin customers and The Country Picker moving company is instead serving the Berlin NH territory. Berlin is straight north of our home base in Conway NH where we also satisfy household relocation customers in western Maine including Fryeburg, Bridgton Maine, Lovell and Brownfield customers. The Country Picker movers has more than 30 years of moving and packing experience and we serve the north country region with moving services.

Morneau Movers in Berlin New Hampshire also served customers in Jackson NH and Bartlett NH and The Country Pickers movers are now serving those areas too to fill in for Morneau Moving. Moving services in South Chatham also are complemented with moving services in Conway, North Conway and Center Conway as well as Madison and Eaton New Hampshire.

Also around Berlin we handle commercial and residential moving for Gorham New Hampshire including shipping and rigging for air freight out of Gorham Municipal Airport. Also Randolph NH and Jefferson NH moving services are offered by the Country Picker to fill in for the Morneau Moving Company moving services.

Also the Country Picker will handle your moving chores in Errol, Colebrook, Stratford, Clarksville and Pittsburg New Hampshire. Contact The Country Picker or for Berlin New Hampshire Moving and Storage click on Moving Company Berlin NH

Companies Roswell Ga

With a population about 90,000, Roswell Georgia is a big suburb of Atlanta Georgia on the north side in northern Fulton County Georgia. Close to Johns Creek Georgia and just south of Alpharetta, the Roswell Georgia area boasts a lot of people and a city type level of population and sophistication. Roswell Georgia is named for Roswell King, an antebellum cotton trader and miller. Roswell gained mill power from the Chattahoochie River.

Roswell Georgia has a couple of large private employers worth mentioning, Verizon wireless and Kimberly Clark Paper Company. Added to companies like Target, Home Depot and Kroger, and other retailers, thousands of jobs are filled in Roswell Ga. On the bad side, Roswell has had to tolerate a lot of road construction due to the growth and popularity of Roswell. Roswell is a good corporate center and a good place to live.

Smaller Roswell companies abound also, and many Roswell Ga consultants, CPA’s and contractors with small operations with less than five employees work and live out of Roswell Ga. Along the Ga-400 corrider is a plenty of high profile and attractive office space for small enterprises. Exits such as Windy Hill boast several convenient and stunning office buildings with plenty of parking and give small enterprises the chance to grow in a fast paced and invigorating environment.

One company, not well known, but a large Roswell Ga employer is a company called Witness Systems. Witness is an internet company that helps analyze and monitor customer and prospect trends for corporations with on-line marketing and shopping services. While Witness employs 400 in Roswell Georgia, it is an international corpoaration with employees on every continent that chose Roswell Ga as a place to acquire top technical and customer service talent to grow their business.

For families concerned about education, St. Francis Schools in Roswell Georgia employs hundredss in Alpharetta and Roswell and provides a private education option to parents raising children in the Roswell Ga area.