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Moving’s stressful – How to pick moving companies that won’t be a hassle.

  1. Find an established mover. Check their address on their web-site. Do they seem to only have a cell-phone number and email. Not good enough. Unless you wish to risk moving with a company that can just blow you off, because they are just a cell phone and web page, find a real local moving company.
  2. Make sure your mover is licensed. It’s simple to verify this If you are moving within a state, that state does the licensing – check your state’s website for who does this.
  3. Check with the Better Business Bureau for unresolved complaints or just a lot of complaints about a moving company. Any good companies will have some complaints, moving companies seem to do worse than average. If you find a mover that does a lot of relocations but has just a few complaints and they have been resolved, that is good. If you cannot find any complaints, run fast, they are probably a scam moving company.
  4. Be sure to choose a mover that offers the right insurance. Reputable moving companies also carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Without Workers Compensation Insurance, if someone gets hurt moving (and that happens in an industry where heavy objects are being moved), you might be held liable if the moving company lacks Workers’ Comp. This type of insurance substantially adds to the mover’s cost of doing business, so it could be the first area an unscrupulous moving company scrimps on.
  5. Get a recommendation, friends, coworkers, family and neighbors.
  6. Check reviews, google,,, Angie’s List.


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